Pi Villaraza

Pi is an energy healer based in Palawan. He is the founder of Bahay Kalipay Detox Retreat Center and Maia Earth Village, both in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Pi left the corporate world of advertising and marketing to undertake a vision quest around the Philippines where he walked around Mindanao without money for one year, ending up as a hermit on a deserted beach on an island in Northern Palawan. In this place called Kalipay Beach, he came into his personal healing, eating coconuts almost exclusively, which led to his discovery of a powerful vibration that awoke within him. In the years after this, he has brought the healing energy to more than ten thousand people from over 40 nationalities, founding a successful international detox center in Puerto Princesa and an international healing eco-village in Bacungan, Palawan. His work has been reported by the media in Europe, America and all over Asia, where he travels extensively to give advanced energy awareness training and to assist in the formation of healing centers in many large cities around Asia. Pi has worked extensively with medical practitioners, schools, government and NGO agencies, corporations and many institutions around the world, in healing and also in progressive education, deep ecology, raw food nutrition, organic food production, community development and sustainable architecture. He is an active environmentalist and is the former Philippine ambassador for the Global Eco-Village Network. His well-received book Conscious Trance is available in bookstores around the Philippines and soon to be found on Amazon.com. He leads the 5-Day Inner Dance Energy School, which gives students a chance to learn by experience and develop their own understanding and techniques of sharing Inner Dance with earnest seekers.

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Serena Olsen

Serena is originally from New York but has been living in South East Asia since 2011.  She is an international facilitator and trainer of healing processes, cognitive insight, dialogic resonance, transformation medicine, and integrative cultural awareness while passionately supporting the sustainability and growth of interconnected healing communities across the globe. Serena also focuses on developing wholeness learning systems, within the evolving context of education, through alternative learning, multiple intelligence curriculums, experiential and integrative healing approaches, and an emphasis on the interrelationship of ecology, psychology, neurology, sociology and cultural systems.  Serena is an ambassador for the Global Ecovillage Network, a visiting health educator for SHEM, and a resident of the MAIA Earth Village in Palawan.


Sarah Queblatin

As part of Wellnessland’s Transformation Medicine program, Sarah Queblatin shares a restorative arts based transition framework for its protocol called Healing by Design.

Sarah learned her studio arts skills from her first job as Education Programs Assistant for Ayala Museum in the Philippines from 2003-2006. Years later, after working with indigenous and faith leaders who were internally displaced from conflict in Mindanao, she was inspired to take up a training on Arts in Transformation under the BuildaBridge Institute in the United States in 2009. Since then, she shared arts relief activities with IDPs (Internally Displaced Peoples) in post - conflict and post-disaster settings with I/NGOs.

In 2011, after inspiring a children-led ceremony for the resumption of the Peace Talks in the Philippines (which continued through a mandala ritual space for the inter-tribal peace pact for the signing of the peace agreement in 2014), she started her Masters in Expressive Arts for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. On her second year, she paused her studies to explore how peace and environmental issues can be integrated after doing arts relief work for the children survivors of Hurricane Washi (Sendong) in the Philippines. Around this time, she also served as a resident artist and facilitator for Growth in Wholeness and Wellness Associates (GINHAWA). With GINHAWA's invitation through her mentor Leah Tolentino, she started to cultivate her mandala activities as well as support the organization's work in restoring the wisdom of the Babaylan, the archetypal term for the indigenous Filipino healer and shaman.

In 2012, Sarah and her work with mandalas as a medium for arts relief, rituals, and community building with children, communities, and leaders were recognised by the Arts and Healing Network, a global network of healing artists around the world through its Honoring the Next Generation Award.

A year later, her mother's illness and death deepened her inner work, birthing the design of the Transformation Mandala framework for patients with degenerative dis-eases through an invitation to contribute to the Transformation Medicine program by energy healer Pi Villaraza, founder of Bahay Kalipay Detox and Retreat Centre and integrative doctor Dr. Romy Paredes of Wellnessland Health Institute.

In 2016, Sarah was invited to speak about her work for a Depth Psychology Conference organized by the Carl Jung Society in the Philippines and the Pacifica Graduate Institute in the United States.

Her modules are inspired by creation stories of different spiritual and indigenous traditions woven with expressive arts, transpersonal psychology, and energy healing. At the heart of her life-work is how intuition, imagination, and inspiration serve as creative handles in weaving one's soul parts from the inner and outer dimensions together, charting the new story of the self and community.

She is currently a freelance creative resilience consultant and process facilitator. She is part of New Stories, a global network of Art of Hosting practitioners using story as a social technology for social innovation. She consults for non-profit organizations and companies with recent clients including the Corporate Network for Disaster Response, and the Shontug Foundation. Her body of work on community based art as Mandala Earth Story spans over 10 years of creative advocacy initiatives with the most recent being Kites for Peace, a campaign endorsed by His Holiness the13th Dalai Lama of Tibet. In 2017, she evolves this initiative as Witnessing Trees which supports the creation of collective healing spaces through ecopsychology, creative placemaking, permaculture, and ecovillage design.

Sarah's life-long quest is the personal and collective journey to the new story through restorative arts practices. Weaving her learnings together, she works with the shared story of humanity as cocreators - our highest nature and power to imagine and birth the new earth we wish to see