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El Kalinado

El kalinado was born in Lyon , France and moved to Canada when he was 21 years old.

El kalinado showed an interest in psychology at an early age: when he was 12, he started to read psychology  books because he wanted to understand why humans behave the way they do, and why do they suffer so much physically and emotionally .

After studying several healing modalities, he understood that Western medicine is more on treating the symptoms than on treating the root cause.

This was a “Medicine of Sickness” and El was seeking a “Medicine of Health”

By combining Energy Medicine and Emotions Reprogramming, El is now able to find the source of the health problems in his patients and to “reprogram” them with amazing positive results.

The causes of health problems are most often anchored in the past, a result from all the events of a person’s life since conception.

El has a very strict code of ethic in his practice: all patient are treated with compassion, confidentiality and without judgement.

He has taught hundred of workshops and seminars around the world and is currently based in South East Asia.

His teaching and healing sessions are done in English, French and with a translator for other languages.

His other interests are painting, music, tennis, swimming, cooking and…raw chocolate.



Dr. Zosimo Micabalo M.D. 

Dr Micabalo finished his medical degree at Univeristy of Sto. Tomas (UST) College of Medicine in Manila. He took his internship at St. Catherine’s Hospital, Brooklyn New York. He took his General Surgery Residency training at Mt. Vernon Hospital New York. For many years, he was the Chief of General Surgery at St. Charles Hospital, Port Jefferson New York. He took Nutrition Studies with Dr. T. Collin Campbell at the Cornell University. He is a passionate advocate of health empowerment and he has been giving free lectures generously to different audiences around the globe. He is also one of the volunteer speakers of SHEM(Self Health Empowerment Movement – www.shem-ph.org)

He is now a  retired surgeon, but still very active in empowering people to take control of their health. He is living a plant based lifestyle and it is exemplified by his vibrant health at the age of 81.


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Christopher Luard

After studying and practicing meditation for the past 31 years, Christopher is now the director of the Such Sweet Thunder meditation program. Chris teaches from the belief that the practice of meditation can bring about a much needed inner peace and harmony.

Christopher created the meditation school “Such Sweet Thunder” in order to provide authentic meditation instruction in an easy accessible fashion, without having to join any particular group, religion, temple, church, or belief system. In fact, the way meditation is taught by Chris, it can be used as an accessory to deepen any spiritual tradition or with no spiritual tradition. The meditation outlined in Christopher’s book, also entitled “Such Sweet Thunder”, is found in many of the contemplative traditions, yet he teaches in a completely non-denominational fashion.

Christopher has received formal training in Zen; Mahamudra, Dzochen from the Tibetan traditions, Vipassana and Vedanta from the Indian traditions, and Mindfulness and Shambhala from the relatively modern American traditions. He has attended numerous training retreats, taking on the life of a monk in monasteries in Nepal and New York.

Christopher has had the pleasure of teaching meditation worldwide. He has given formal meditation instruction in the New York City, Colorado, Philippines, Malaysia, Wales, and Hong Kong. In addition to that he annually holds residency on board Celebrity Cruise Lines presenting talks on Mindfulness.

Having witnessed the Sept 11th incident in New York City, Christopher dedicates his life to these teachings with the hope of passing on the practice to others, with the intention of bringing about a new, more peaceful, loving and compassionate worldview. For more information, please visit www.suchsweetthunder.org