Come for a lifestyle evaluation

A lot of people spend so much money on laboratory diagnostics and yet do not learn anything on how to transform their unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. Too much dependence on laboratory diagnostics often lead to treating the symptoms approach. In Lifestyle Evaluation, it leads to treating the root cause approach. You figure out what caused your disease and you work with your Lifestyle Medicine Physician in implementing strategies so that you can take charge of your health.

Which is more cost effective? Treating the Symptom? Or Treating The Root Cause? Of course, it’s treating the root cause!

Our facility uses HealthSnap Lifestyle Management Platform

HealthSnap’s Lifestyle Management platform is an all-in-one solution that removes the burden of evaluating and interpreting our patient’s lifestyle health, so we can spend less time making sense of lifestyle data and more time guiding you to optimal health.

HealthSnap’s mission is to bridge the gap between lifestyle and medicine. By connecting the pieces of prevention using lifestyle data, we firmly believe we can empower you to make proactive healthcare choices.

HealthSnap was formed by experts in exercise physiology and nutrition with a passion to use exercise, nutrition, and behavioral data science to prevent and reverse disease. HealthSnap’s platform, powered by proprietary technology developed at the University of Miami, helps healthcare professionals and patients use modern technology to understand the impact lifestyle behaviors have on health and is the first centralized platform specifically designed to scale lifestyle medicine.

HealthSnap’s Platform provides us with health data management and analytics to help us overcome the barriers to practicing effective lifestyle medicine so we can scale prevention in our practice. This platform can instantly generate personalized, tangible, and actionable lifestyle reports; saving us time from having to interpret our patients’ raw lifestyle health data so that we can focus on inspiring you.

After all, it is INSPIRATION(not just knowledge) that leads you to a TRANSFORMATION! As our Founder said….”the most powerful medicine is actually TRANSFORMATION”

So what are you waiting for? Fill up this lifestyle questionnaire and come for a lifestyle evaluation and go home with an actionable lifestyle medicine report.