Visiting Healing Arts Practitioners


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Ojas Oneness

Ojas Oneness is an Enlightened artist , Meditation Master and Founder of Diviners Org.His mission is to bring back the simplicity of life and living life to the fullest, enjoying and celebrating life without any dependency on material things. For the past 10 years, he has been travelling around the world and using his artistic energy and wisdom in  transforming the people. His Spontaneous Presence and his friendly way of teaching helps people to find their  uniqueness and courage to live in this world with lots of joy and peace. 

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Mukesh Joyful

Mukesh Joyful is a certified Yoga instructor, Meditation Guide and Dance Choreographer. He was born and brought up in India. For 4 years he has been living in Vietnam teaching Yoga and Dance  sessions. All his sharings and yoga practices are based on complete mindfulness and self discipline. 



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Ning Tadena

Ning Barcelo-Tadena experienced the miraculous results of finding out the emotional cause of physical disease in her own life.  She suffered from 4th stage endometriosis and all she did was fight it -  by cutting off the cysts, taking strong meds and injections, and almost having her ovaries removed.  She had 3 major operations because of that and was scheduled for a 4th one, until a doctor asked her,  "What are you doing with your life that's making your cysts grow back so big and so fast?".  That was her turning point.  She realized, she was only dealing with the symptoms and not the root cause of her dis-ease.  She then pursued studies to help her understand what the root cause of her diseases were by becoming an NLP Practitioner, a Medical Intuitive - Theta Healer and an Enneagram Executive Coach. She is now healed from her symptoms and dis-ease, not just on the physical level - but also in heart, mind and soul.    It is now her advocacy to share her learnings and experiences through talks, workshops and her books.    



Deborah Mary Mousseau

Deborah was born a dancer and at the age of 16, she was given insight into how our emotions are shaped by our past. Years later, in 2012 she left her comfortable Canadian home, a great job and her 25 year marriage to follow the calling to wander. For the past 7 years, she has travelled ancient lands such as Iran, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine-Israel and many others for the SOUL Purpose of connecting with people, nature and sacred places.

Life experience and studying dance and yoga in the USA, India, Spain and Canada, Deborah now incorporates a combination of healing and artistic modalities in her workshops to help uncover the reality that “We are the Masters of our own lives”.


Alejandra Hernandez

Alejandra is a Holistic Osteopath from Valencia Spain. She is passionate in health, wellness, wholeness and personal growth and development.

She also gives health empowering talks and facilitates holistic programs.