The book "Sacred Simplicity" is a culmination of my deepening journey oftransformation. I call it a culmination not that it is a final pointof my life journey, but that it is a culmination of my 40 years of existence on this planet called Earth.  However, this culmination isactually not an endbuta new beginning.  As the saying goes, life begins at 40.

I have been a doctor for the past 14 years, and those 14 years has been a remarkable learning experience. It was a journey of discovering who we really are, why we are here and what’s thedeepest and most powerful form of healing.

Butthe past 7 years was a culmination, or rather the beginning of my own powerful transformation. Yes the past 40 years have been a transformational journey, but the past 7 yearswas a powerful experientialawakening.

Every single day for the past7 years, I have been exposed to the face of pain,  suffering and frustration. I see a lot of patients who are on the brink of death,  told few months to live, told there was no more hope. At first, I was numb of their predicaments, then eventually, as I explored the inner magnificence of a human being...

I began to see what they see
I began to hear what they hear
I began to feel what they feel

As a medical doctor, our orientation is to be “detached” fromthe persons behind the cases. We just deal with the cases.  I remember during our reporting when I was still training in the University of the Philippines - Phil. General Hospital, we report cases not people.  We reportmostly the outward circumstances of the patients. I don’t remember reporting the inward circumstances of the patient. In our treatment protocols, we also treat the outward manifestations, never dealing with the inward situation.  This was partly because of the so many patients that we handle, that we no longer have the time to explore the person behind the case, the soul behind the person.

Well, this is the status of our health care system today. There are so many patients yet only a few doctors. When I was a medic intern at UP-PGH,  there are times that one intern takes care of 1 ward, and do you know how many patients in 1 ward? 50! With the fact, our work has become mechanical. And it continues to be so up to this day.

Is this a healing environment?
No wonder even doctors get sick nowadays. I remember a surgery resident in UP-PGHwho found out she has breast cancer at a late stage, meaning she forgot to examine her breast. That’s how busy we could bein performing our mechanical work. Even me, while I was no longer hospital based, it doesn’t mean I can not fall into the trap ofmechanical work, into the trap of workaholism.  Oh yes I was once a workaholic. I was on a “doing doing doing” mode until I got stressed out.

Several years ago, I got burned out.

The feeling was so weird.
The feeling was so scary.
I couldn’t swallow my food well.
I felt jittery.
I felt dizziness.
I have very low energy.
To the point that I couldn’t breathe.

There was a time that this happened and I thought of bringing myself to the hospital.

As you know, I am a medical doctor, and I am familiar with the symptomatology of a lot of diseases. I thought it was a heart attack or a stroke.  But there was one soul whom I emailed about my condition, his name is Bo Sanchez, and he emailed me…..”Doc, pay attention to the message”. So rather than bringing myself to the hospital, I paid attention to the message.

So what was the message?

Looking back, the message was for me to slow down, to let go, to allow the divine plan and not just my own plan,  to take the time to “BE”, to balance “doing” and “being”. Oh yes, I went through that stage of purely “doing doing doing”. The above experiences deepened my own understanding of healing.

My understanding of healing has been an ever-changing concept or belief, exemplified by my own history of my medical career. In the beginning years of my practice, I prescribe mostly drugs, then later on mostly homeopathy, then later on mostly herbals, then later on mostly nutritionals, and so on……until I noticed myself prescribing less and less as I continue to search for higher levels of truths.

The above experienceswas something that really opened me up in shifting my outward search of truth to an inward search of truth.

So how exactly did I overcome my burn-outpredicament?

I slowed down.
I played and wrestled with my little boy.
I hugged trees.
I walked barefoot on ground.

I literally “sandwiched” myselfin Nature so I could dissipate all my accumulated negative energies and so I could absorb the subtle yetpeaceful/calming energies of nature.

I let go.
I forgive myself and others.
Iwent though a process of self observation.

After the process of self-observation and release, I felt relieved of my stressed-out feelings.

I gradually relaxed every part of my body. My breathing became slower and slower as I went into a deep yet conscious trance during my hugging of trees and walking barefootin the middle of the woods. It wassuch a wonderfulexperience,  such a blissful state to feel the energy of Nature once again. It’s something that my workaholism have detached me from this blissful feeling.

In those “Being” moments, I felt like I didn’t need to breathe. I felt the energy of GOD, I heard the language of GOD, and I sensed ONENESS.

I also did deep meditations through the background of a soothing music, while only focusing on my breathing. This is a simple yet powerful method to re-connect ourselves to the rhythm of nature. The rhythm of nature and our own rhythm are sometimes not in tune with each other.

When we are purely “doing doing doing”,  we get misaligned with the rhythm of nature, and so we get stressed out.
When we are on the“being”side, we get in tune with the rhythm of nature.
As we all observe, the blooming of a flower isasilent and subtle process.
The sunrise and sunset is a quiet and beautiful process.
Nature doesn’t rush.
We rush.
My many years of “doing doing doing”  has distorted my cellular structure, and the wisdom of my body has awakened me
and reminded me to go back to the flow of nature…….

Now I balanced my “doingness” from my “beingness”.
To say it better, I spring my “doingness” from my “beingness”
Now I am on a continuing journey of learning and re-learning….
A journey of developing “being” habits
A journey of reverting my cellular structure to the world of “being”
A journey oflearning the 3 fundamentals of the language of GOD,


From this day on,  I have “died” and I am excited to live a new life, a new beginning, a new path, a new journey, a new way of looking at the world, and a new way of living... living at the core of my “Being”.