Ishilta is one of the country’s top wellness strategist and brand builder, having worked with some of the leading wellness providers in the Philippines for the past 6 years. He is also an events organizer, entrepreneur, writer, well-being coach and a certified medical intuitive. Ishilta is a certified Reiki Master Teacher of three (3) Reiki Lineages, namely, Usui Ryoho Reiki, Karuna Ki & Crystal Reiki, with accreditation from the International Reiki Organization. 

Ishilta’s journey as a healer began in childhood, after giving an intuitively healing to a neighbor in the village where he grew up. Aware of his ancestry of healers, he pursued education and training in various healing arts to master his craft. However, his encounter with the outside world led him to embark on a quest of self-discovery and learning in search for answers and life’s deeper meaning.

After surviving a major life crisis, Ishilta is now inspired to devote his life in the service of the sacred, by helping people discover and share their gifts, and inspire their lives to make positive changes. He distills practical wisdom from his real-life experiences, along with his background as a coach, energy healer & teacher-facilitator of transformative well-being, as he weaves both heaven and earth, to help clients realize their full potential. He is always passionate in empowering people find their special place in the world and live out their truest potential.

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Yeyette San Luis

Yeyette San Luis is a sound healer, passionate musician, singer, composer, songwriter and an accountant by profession. She has been an active spiritual creative, advocating a vision of using music not just a creative endeavor but also a healing and spiritual practice for the service of her fellow Filipinos. Yeyette is also a senior facilitator of GINHAWA, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit organization that aims to integrate spirituality and creativity at the service of well being.

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Minifred "Mini" Gavino

Mini is an artist-teacher-facilitator of transformative wellbeing of a Filipino-Asian based organization called GINHAWA. The main thrust of the group is the integration of creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being. The group has conceptualized and implemented programs to a broader spectrum of client-groups from corporate employees to government staff and officers, religious in training/formators to youth leaders, counselors to teachers, artists to healers and other professionals. 

Mini is the originator and main facilitator of the GINHAWA Baybayin Creativity Workshop-Classes that provide a space especially for the young to rediscover and reconnect to the Filipino-Asian ancestral heritage. She is a sacred space artist and interfaith/ecumenical facilitator of blessing ceremonies,  prayers, meditations (through Filipino indigenous musical instruments like the flute, Himalayan singing bowls, etc.) in local, national and international events/gatherings.

She has designed and co-developed programs on creativity and culture, eco-spirituality and rituals, sound-movement and healing, and other eco-sensitive team processes.

She is a part-time faculty of the Institute of the Formation and Religious Studies teaching-witnessing mostly Asian students through process-based classes in Oriental Healing Arts, Folk and Contemporary Dance, Asian Games and Modern Sports and co-facilitating other programs in the institute. Mini has learned about Filipino-Asian culture and spirituality through childhood experiences living in a rustic town of Northern Luzon as well as from cultural engagements, indigenous elders and scholars.