Welcome to Wellnessland Wholeness Center and medi-spa!

A serene place inspired to provide a true environment of  wholeness for the many co-journeyers in the path of healing. Unlike the traditional hotels and lodging places, Wellnessland Wholeness Center addresses the healing needs of the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Simple and neat air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom
  • Sound system for healing music
  • Health empowering documentary films
  • Calamansi, Buko and Oil Pulling stations 
  • Letting Go Space
  • Grounding area 
  • Garden
  • Art Therapy Room
  • Infrared sauna room
  • Nuga bed massage room
  • Fitness Space
  • Wellnessland Vegetarian Cafe and health food store
  • Plant Based Whole Food(Raw Vegetarian) Demo Kitchen
  • Plant Based Whole Food(Cooked Vegetarian) Demo Kitchen
   A place of slowing down..  .

A place of slowing down...

Wellnessland Wholeness Center is a themed boutique Retreat Center, Medi-Spa and a Hostel. It is a place of learning, a place of wellness, a place of simplicity and a place of wholeness. This is the Retreat Center and Hostel of  Wellnessland Health Institute which is located just across the Wholeness Center

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