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El Kalinado

El kalinado was born in Lyon , France and moved to Canada when he was 21 years old.

El kalinado showed an interest in psychology at an early age: when he was 12, he started to read psychology  books because he wanted to understand why humans behave the way they do, and why do they suffer so much physically and emotionally .

After studying several healing modalities, he understood that Western medicine is more on treating the symptoms than on treating the root cause.

This was a “Medicine of Sickness” and El was seeking a “Medicine of Health”

By combining Energy Medicine and Emotions Reprogramming, El is now able to find the source of the health problems in his patients and to “reprogram” them with amazing positive results.

The causes of health problems are most often anchored in the past, a result from all the events of a person’s life since conception.

El has a very strict code of ethic in his practice: all patient are treated with compassion, confidentiality and without judgement.

He has taught hundred of workshops and seminars around the world and is currently based in South East Asia.

His teaching and healing sessions are done in English, French and with a translator for other languages.

His other interests are painting, music, tennis, swimming, cooking and…raw chocolate.



Dr. Zosimo Micabalo M.D. 

Dr. Micabalo is a retired surgeon. He was the former Chief of General Surgery at St.  Charles Hospital, Port Jefferson New York. He is a certified Nutrition Specialist under Dr. T. Colin Campbell Cornell University. He is on his 80's and is very passionate in educating people on plant based nutrition. He is based in Las Vegas Nevada, but every now and then, he comes to Wellnessland to give lectures on plant based nutrition.




Jakki "Tinkerbelle" Lucero

Jakki,   full name JACQUELINE V. LUCERO is an intuitive  Wholistic Wellness Coach trained in Energy Medicine in the Philippines and abroad.   

She is certified in various non-invasive Energy Healing modalities that are used by modern and scientific  healing researchers and coaches.   Among these  are Quantum TouchInner Dance Meditation,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), HeartMath,  Food, Energy and Eating Psychology Techniques, and Natural Food, Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

She teaches mindfulness and manages a Waldorf-inspired pre-school inside an Army Camp.  Her main line of work is helping employees to  relax and work happily under stress to unblock the energy that keep us from becoming our full productive and creative selves.   She believes that a happy and healthy employees are better workers that generate greater profits and fewer complications for the employers and most especially for the company.   

As a climate advocate,   she was one of  the Philippine delegates that was chosen to be trained under the mentorship of US former Vice President Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader in March 2016.   

She has conducted numerous  workshops and speaking engagements all over the Philippines and in Hongkong,  Singapore,   Hyderabad,  Jaigaon,  Bangalore and Bhutan.