Pi Villaraza

Pi is an established international healer who's facilitated and trained tens of thousands of people around the world. His work has helped to establish communities in Europe, the Middle East, America and across Asia much of which has had numerous applications grounded in medical work, education, dialogue, ecology, trauma, neurology and psychology. His work has been documented in numerous articles, movies, radio programs and books around the world for its capacity to heal and transform. Pi authored a book together with Dr. Romy Paredes. The book's title is "Transformation Medicine, Pathways To Becoming Your Own Best Doctor".

El Kalinado

El kalinado was born in Lyon , France and moved to Canada when he was 21 years old. El kalinado showed an interest in psychology at an early age: when he was 12, he started to read psychologybooks because he wanted to understand why humans behave the way they do, and why do they suffer so much physically and emotionally . After studying several healing modalities, he understood that conventional Western medicine is not only manipulated by the pharmaceutical corporations, but it also treats symptoms instead of causes. This was a “Medicine of Sickness” and El was seeking a “Medicine of Health”. 

By combining Energy Medicine and Emotions Reprogramming, El is now able to find the source of the health problems in his patients and to “reprogram” them with amazing positive results. The causes of health problems are most often anchored in the past, a result from all the events of a person’s life since conception. El has a very strict code of ethic in his practice: all patient are treated with compassion, confidentiality and without judgement. He has taught hundred of workshops and seminars around the world and is currently based in South East Asia. His teaching and healing sessions are done in English, French and with a translator for other languages. His other interests are painting, music, tennis, swimming, cooking and…raw chocolate.

Dr. Zosimo Micabalo M.D.

Dr Micabalo is a retired surgeon, formerly the Chief of Surgery of St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson New York. He studied plant based whole food nutrition under Dr. T.Collin Campbell Cornell University. He gives extensive lectures on plant based whole food nutrition. He is a vegan.

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Kevin Gaudette

Kevin Gaudette has been cultivating  Tai Ji every day since 1977. He began training with Hwa Yu Tai Ji Master John Chung Li in Boston, Florida, Chicago and Hong Kong. He has trained with Masters in Taiwan, Macao and China, including 12 years in China with Liu He Ba Fa Master Yun Yin Sen.


Serena Olsen

Serena is a Wholeness Practitioner, originally from New York, who has been living in South East Asia since 2011.  She is an international facilitator and trainer of healing processes, cognitive insight, dialogic resonance, transformation medicine, and integrative cultural awareness.  She supports the sustainability and growth of interconnected healing communities across the globe. Serena also focuses on developing wholeness learning systems, within the evolving context of education, through alternative learning, paradigm shifts, multiple intelligence curriculums, experiential and integrative healing approaches, and an emphasis on the interrelationship of ecology, psychology, neurology, sociology and cultural systems.  Serena is an ambassador for the Global Ecovillage Network, a health educator for SHEM, and a resident of the MAIA Earth Village in Palawan.


Sarah Queblatin

A creative and regenerative solutions designer, Sarah's life-long quest is the personal and collective journey of transformation. Her training in transformative and expressive arts from BuildaBridge Institute and the European Graduate School supported her own restorative practices weaving psychology and spirituality.  Her 14 years of experience as a development worker inspired her to seek whole systems solutions to change. This search led her to her current work with the Global Ecovillage Network supporting its participation at the United Nations and its emerging program on humanitarian assistance.

In 2012, the Arts and Healing Network recognized her with their Honoring the Next Generation Award for her collective healing work with communities. She is currently designing modules for self inquiry and transformation as Mandala Soul Story for the Carl Jung Circle and the Transformation Medicine program of Wellnessland Health Institute.