Clarity West-Ordonez

Clarity West-Ordonez has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation since the year 2000 and is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Her styles include yin, hatha and vinyasa flow. Her teachers are among the great guru, Paramahansa Yogananda  and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyanada from the lineage of Kriya yoga. Clarity is also an avid raw and vegan/plant-based chef who loves to share techniques for full well-being and healthful living. Clarity teaches and practices her crafts in Manila alongside her husband who is also a yoga teacher and wellness coach. They offer yoga and plant powered food retreats as a way to share the knowledge they've gained through yoga and meditation and healthful living. Please see flowretreats.com for upcoming retreat info or email Claritycreativeco@gmail.com


Valery Schollaert 

"Valéry Schollaert has a master in math-physics. Most of his life, he created projects far away from his studies, but still in the scientific world. He created the first birding business in Belgium back in 1992, then the first schools of field ornithology in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, and made most his living in birding tourism. All his career, he tried to make tourism sustainable for nature and people, and to link the efforts made by naturalists, the ecologists, and animal-lovers to improve situation of natural habitats, environment, health and animals. More recently, he joined some projects in alternative and holistic medicines to widen again the field of action, being always more consistent and target a great range of people.

Education, sharing his knowledge and didactic is something he loves. He wrote books, giving to the public an efficient method to learn about the birds, a method the he used in his schools and trainings for local guides he taught in Africa and South America. More recently, he is planning to create an eco-friendly, vegan bird tourism in the Canaries (Spain) and offer training for local guides in some national parks of Philippines".


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Chichi Barba

Chichi is an author (Eat Well, Get Well), and a traditional Filipino Medicine Advocate. She also speaks at the quarterly Heal Yourself Naturally "Live" Seminar together with Dr. Romy Paredes, Dr. Pao Tongson, and Dr. Didoy Lubaton.  For years, Chichi worked with the poor in remote towns and villages in the Philippines. In these far-off places where doctors or hospitals are far away, she learned from the locals various natural traditional healing practices that she now uses in helping people get well. Chichi has also trained under Filipino albularyo Bibiano Fajardo, PhD (AM) in Traditional Filipino Healing through the Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers, Inc. (ATHAG,Inc).