When I first arrived here, I had a vague idea of what I would learn because I heard another doctor speak of the same/similar things regarding making the right decision of turning around and having a better health and happier life myself. And definitely I will do this change in me by following what I have learned in the 3 days that I have been in Wellnessland. I will do my very best to spread the knowledge I have received here and make myself an instrument for others to follow. Once we feel the good changes in our body and spirit we encourage people not to hesitate and make that change right away. You will not regret it at all.
— Ma. Milagros Cooper, Bacolod City
Wellnessland has helped remind me and guide me back to basics. Wellnessland is whole because of the love and peace each staff shares and emanates to the people around them. All our needs and necessities to stay healthy and be loved are being taught here at Wellnessland. May God and His angels protect and continue to nourish and guide Wellnessland so they may be able to help many people to follow the healthy path.
— Pat Cooper–Chua, Bacolod City
I realized the true importance of Holistic healing, the physical and energy, my own self ability to heal and God’s love for us. To surrender and allow and be at peace for everything is in divine order. I am where I am meant to be. Everything , everyone, every event and for my benefit in God’s grace.

My goal is to be maintenance medicine free by end of 2015. I have high uric, cholesterol and enlarge prostate.

As I am God’s love, I am love! My purpose is to love!

Thank you very much Dr. Romy, Gale, chef, Nick, Michael, Angeli, and sa lahat. You have touched and inspired me.

All the best! Godbless!

Love and gratitude, Balance, Align Inside out!
— Boy and Joni Manguira, Lipa City Batangas
Before coming here, I was so dependent with drug like Aspec-eo, metformin, caltrate plus, vit D3, vital C and folic acid because this is what my doctor told me to take due to my condition. Diagnosed that I have APAS- thick blood, high killer cells, etc. For the last months I had my LIT where in I have several blood donors and get their lymphocedes and inject it to my arm. Its scientific way to balance my immune system that is overactive.

During my stay here in Welllnessland I discover the only way to heal myself and to top drinking drugs is just by taking calamansi. My second discovery for myself is to listen to my body carefully and understand it better, connect to the divine nature, and our God. Last, not to complicate my life, live simply, live lightly, and live happily. Always go back to nature and let go and let God.
— Anonymous
Holistic Healing Retreat Wellness
Congratulations for the job well done!

You have done and share your part as a doctor, me and my husband are very thankful that we were able to see you in person because for three years of suffering of our ailments its okay now that we found you.

Our illness has been cured because of your sacrifice on research just to find the truth with the help of our divine grace.

We will support your program now and forever for the next generation to come. You are the best doctor I have ever known.
— Camilla Guardo Ph.D., Surigao
Before coming here, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and the doctor advice me to have radioactive iodine. I thought gone are the happy days of my life. I am totally amazed in the
Wellnessland. I thought I will be recommended a dietary regimen that will cure the cancer cells. But instead I was introduced by the ultimate healing mechanism- relax, letting go of your problems, forgive, be generous and love more. Keep away from stress, bitterness, and fear.

I become a better person because every area of my life is affected by the insights learned in the
— Anonymous
During the third day of my stay here in the seminar I felt a big surprise - a mystery or a miracle - on my left side upper maxilla, I felt that I am healed. This is becuase of the spritiual medicine that God has graced upon me through His instrument Dr. Romy Paredes who is tasked to spread to the people insights on the right food and nutrition that can bring people back to its optimum health.

(Sa akong ikatulong adlaw sa seminar akong nabati nga dako ang katingala, kahibolongan o dakong milagro sa akong sakit left side upper maxilla akong nasinati nga maayo ako, tungod sa espiritohanong tambal nga gihbatag sa ginoo uban sa instrumneto nga Dr. Romy Paredes nga maoy gihatagan ug tahas pagpahilo sa katilingban mga katawhan aron mahibaloan ang mga pagkaon nga angay nato magamit sa kahimsog sa panglawas.)
— Erlinda Genilla, Bohol
Being in the 3 day healing retreat, open my eyes to the great possibility of helping other patient regain their hope to recovery from illness. I open my eyes that first I have to love myself before I can truly give service and love to others. Hearing different stories from my co-participant give me inspiration to love and have fruitful life. They inspire me to do better on my craft. “Never live in fear that’s the root cause of all disease, continue to fight, and pray hard. God will do the rest!” See you again soon Kawellness. Let’s celebrate life.
— Sally, Manila
I came to Wellnessland at a time of my life when I could no longer stand the pain and discomfort brought about by my fibromyalgia. Suffice it to say, I was looking for a cure that no longer used
expensive medicines. I was afraid for my health and my finances that I was rather desperate coming to.

After 3 days, I have not only learned that I can be my own best doctor but more importantly, I have re-discovered myself in the past few days. I had the time to reconnect with myself. Thank you Dr. Romy Paredes and Ms. Gail for opening my mind and heart into this new life that I am excited to delve into. I am energized and I feel more alive.

Lastly, I want to share with you that I tried the EFT on my carpal tunnel this morning, and now I
can write this with hardly any tingling sensation in my hand.
— Dicay, Metro Manila
Before coming to this program, I’ve been anxious about the state of my health since 8 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer. Although with God’s grace and choosing alternative treatments then I’ve been clear these past years, which also gave me a very relax attitude on my diet most especially. I’ve been trying hard to change my eating habits, and be at my best health the past months but to no avail.

After the program has really helped enlighten, inspired, enrich and has deepened my resolve to
love myself first. To be loved by God, believing that I am His child, that I am enough, is the start of my “wholeness” healing. I realized to complete my healing , I have to accept and love myself and just allow things to happen. That love is the most powerful healing energy of all is so simple yet often times we forgot!

Thank you very much Wellnessland!!! More power and God bless!
— Margot Lopez, Bacolod City
Holistic Health Healing