1. health empowering orientation - FACILITATED by our health educators

In this step, there will be a HEALTH EMPOWERING audio-visual orientation coupled with  a one-on-one orientation of the WELLNESSLAND healthy conscious activities guide


You will learn the following:

  • Two Root Causes of Diseases

  • Bottom-line Solutions

  • Short Term Health vs. Long Term Health

  • and many more health empowering wisdom

2. Health Made Incredibly Simple online course


3A. Plant based whole food(cooked vegan) DEMO-workshop

Are you Ready to give up your 3M?(mamoy, maka, manok) he he

- Learn some simple and doable cooked vegan meals

- This is a fun way of jumpstarting your journey towards VIP(Vegan in Progress) he he

- Explore the whole new world of plant based lifestyle

       Join us here in Wellnessland Cooked Vegan Demo Kitchen


3B. plant based whole food(Raw Vegan) DEMO-workshop

Are you Ready for the Ultimate Nutrition?

- Learn the Stress-Free and Simple Plan to Effectively Transition from a Meat and Toxic Prone Diet to a Plant-Based Diet

- Understand the Ideal Diet and How Enzymes Reverses Diseases and Gives you optimum health

- Know the simple recipes on how to prepare food that nourishes and detoxifies

    Join us here in Wellnessland Raw Vegan Demo Kitchen


4. A Day of detox and a day of slowing down

(This is available at your preferred day/s, any day on weekdays, except holidays). Please proceed to enrolment page for bookings. 


Life has become busy. You have been running round and round the circle of the busyness of life. Life is not supposed to be a struggle.
It is supposed to be spent with joy, laughter, peace, love and compassion. It is supposed to be a life of wellness and wholeness, a life that is baggage free.
So why don't you give yourself a break, it could be a 1 day break, a 2-day break, a 3-day break or even a 1 week break
It's all up to you!

This Day of Detox and Day of Slowing Down includes:       
•  Stay at Wellnessland Wholeness Center. Yes, you will have your own private air-conditioned room     
• Detoxifying-Nourishing Juices  and Vegan Meals
• One on one dialogues with our holistic doctors
 •  Art therapy at our art therapy room •  Far infrared sauna
 •  Foot Reflexology  •  Journalling   •  Documentary film showing or simply reading a book at your own private room  •  Private classes at our demo kitchen •  Indeed a “Slowing Down and Discerning” phase of your life

(Check in and check out time for this program is flexible)

You can  BOOK NOW!

5. overnight wellness and WHOLENESS RETREAT

This Overnight retreat is designed to jumpstart your journey towards a more holistically healthy lifestyle

It's time to give yourself a gift of pause!

This Overnight Wellness Retreat includes a carefully selected set of activities that are designed to empower you to take charge of your health

The Retreat Includes:

        •  Overnight Stay at Wellnessland  

          Wholeness Center. Yes, you will have

          your own private air-conditioned room    

  • Detoxifying-Nourishing Juices  and Vegan Meals

  • Health Empowering Lectures and Dialogues with our Holistic Doctors

  • Art as Self Discovery

  • Letting Go Process

  • “Slowing Down” phase of your life

And some more surprises.

  • (You will have FREE TIME of course, so you have space for introspection and inner work)

You can BOOK NOW

Check In time is 1:00 PM and Check Out is 1:00 PM the following day. Please check our Events Page for next schedules.

6. take-home health empowerment program

Continue to live the healthy lifestyle with these rejuvenating package for healing right at the comfort of your home

  • Detoxifying superfood juices

  • Virgin Coconut Oil for oil pulling 

  • Fermented health drink

  • Wellnessland Health Guide

  • "Your Own Best Doctor" BOOK

  • "Health Made Incredibly Simple" DVD

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