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 Would you like Chichi Barba to help you as you journey towards a better and healthier you naturally? Chichi has helped many people find their own path to healing - through traditional Filipino healing practices, and through better food choices. Chichi believes that - with a teacup and a plate - each person can find healing and better health.

Continuing with our mission to reach out to everyone who is in their own journey of healing, Wellnessland is now opening its doors to the whole world through online consultation with Chichi Barba.

  1. Have a Skype account (If you don't have Sign-up HERE)
  2. Fill up the online consultation form A-1(click this link) and also the Online Consultation Form B(see below)
  3. Pay through the Paypal link
  4. Confirm your consultation schedule (Use this Time Conversion Tool to know the time in your place wherever you are in the world)
  5. Talk to Chichi Barba online

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The Consultation Fee is only Php 1,000. (We accept Paypal and all major credit cards)

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