heal yourself through the guidance of intuitive healers

You may wish to avail our one-on-one sessions with our Health Practitioners. Choose from any of the sessions below. To make an appointment, email us at support@wellnessland-ph.com or call us at 032-4168520/032-410-8456

One on One Nutrition Counselling is offered by our In House Nutritionist. 


Intuitive Coaching Sessions

All the root of our personal issues lies in the Psycho energetic imbalances in our subtle energetic system. Although a lot is done in medical science  to cure the human physiology, a lot in physiology is related to the Energy Body of the human being. Intuitive Coaching  is  one of  the tools that can be used to heal the body  by increasing  consciousness and self awareness , understanding purpose and creating potential to fulfill the purpose.

The coaching is divided into  3 Segments 




The understanding of self helps in identifying beliefs, feelings, addictions and behaviors that cause delays or act as energy blocks in moving forward in life. A structured and tested coaching plan helps in opening the energy blocks with self awareness , helping in open interaction  with the universe that is often suggesting changes and actions that can help in getting forward in Life through self evolution.

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Reiki Healing Session By A Certified Reiki Healer

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Body Talk Session By A Certified Body Talk Practitioner

A BodyTalk session begins when a practitioner discusses the client`s health status and any personal issues needing care. The client is usually relaxed on a massage table while the practitioner gently touches the client’s arm to establish Yes/No communication. From there, the practitioner uses a BodyTalk Protocol Chart to determine broken or weak energy circuits in the client’s BodyMind Complex. These circuits are highlighted by the client’s innate healing wisdom. Once an energy circuit is identified, additional relevant details are also discovered. Healing and restoration to the circuit is then initiated by gently tapping on the client’s head, heart, and gut. This stimulates the BodyMind Complex to heal. The practitioner will continue to “talk” to the BodyMind Complex until the client’s innate healing system signals the end of the session. 

Each BodyTalk session is unique to the individual client. However, on average, a session will take between 15 to 45 minutes. The length of the session doesn’t indicate the quality of the treatment or the results that can occur. Even the simplest sessions can be profound and transformational. 

Tapping on the body has been used by indigenous holistic systems, like yoga, for centuries. In BodyTalk, tapping on the head tells the brain to “fix” damaged communication circuits. It also tells the heart to “store” the fix. And finally, tapping on the gut assists in the synthesis of all changes. This activates the brain and helps facilitate the body’s own ability to restore and maintain optimum health, producing lasting results.