Nourishing & Transformational Yoga Retreat, Cebu Philippines

Come and pamper yourself in Wellnessland! Here in Wellnessland we simplify the complicated. Nowadays health has become very complicated but according to our founder, health is simple. 

All diseases, whatever they are called in medical terms can be boiled down to the two bottom-line root causes, which are toxicity and deficiency. Toxicity means something in your body is there that is not supposed to be there. Deficiency means something in your body that is supposed to be there is not, or it is there but insufficiently. So, if there are only two bottom-line root causes of diseases, it follows that there are only two bottom-line solutions to diseases; and that is to detoxify and to nourish. When you detoxify and nourish your body, mind, and spirit, the body heals itself in a very amazing way. This is the divine design of our bodies!

Meet the instructors


Dr. Romy Paredes, M.D. is the visionary founder of Wellnessland Health Institute and Wellnessland Wholeness Center. He is a leader in the field of natural and complementary healthcare and education. He has authored and co-authored seven books including "Integrative Medicine (Bridging Conventional and Alternative Medicine)", "Your Own Best Doctor is You, Yes It’s You!", "Awaken the Doctor in You", "Transformation Medicine", "Health Made Incredibly Simple", "Sacred Simplicity, the Ultimate Sophistication", and "Becoming Whole, the Beautiful Liberating Path towards Wholeness".


Linh is a Vietnamese yoga teacher. She completed her yoga teacher training in Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India. She did therapy yoga training in Vietnam and she follows the yogi lifestyle, a vegan diet and sharing her wisdom with anyone. She practices meditation since she the third year of college when she had had depression. Fortunately, the meditation has transformed and helped her a lot and she is now and since many years her happy self again.

She values the importance of purifying the mind, the body and opening the heart. Everyday she practices to purify her mind and body to raise the wisdom and compassion to reach the truth of life through Yoga, Meditation and Transforming Art. Linh loves learning and sharing with everyone she meets in her life especially about Yoga, Meditation and Transforming Art. 

About Ojas Oneness - Ojas is an Enlightened artist , Meditation Master and Founder of Diviners Org.His mission is to bring back the simplicity of life and living life to the fullest, enjoying and celebrating life without any dependency on material things. For the past 10 years, he has been travelling around the world and using his artistic energy and wisdom in  transforming the people. His Spontaneous Presence and his friendly way of teaching helps people to find their  uniqueness and courage to live in this world with lots of joy and peace. 

About Mukesh Joyful - Mukesh is a certified Yoga instructor, Meditation Guide and Dance Choreographer. He was born and brought up in India. For 4 years he has been living in Vietnam teaching Yoga and Dance  sessions. All his sharings and yoga practices are based on complete mindfulness and self discipline. Highlights

·      Daily Yoga (2-3 sessions)

·      Detoxifying-nourishing juices

·      Daily healthy vegan meals 

·      Consultation with a holistic nutritionist/holistic doctor

·      Guided meditation

·      Transforming Arts techniques 

·      Therapy dancing and Therapy painting

·      Massage treatments (private room)

·      Raw vegan cooking class

Style of Yoga

·      Hatha

·      Vinyasa

·      Pranayama

·      Nirda Yoga

 2 days with instruction in English

Spoken languages: English


Welcome to Wellnessland Health Institute - Wellnessland Wholeness Center! This is a serene place inspired to provide a true environment of wholeness for the many co-journeyers in the path of healing. Unlike the traditional hotels and lodging places, Wellnessland Wholeness Center addresses the healing needs of the body, mind, and spirit.

Their amenities include simple and neat air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom, sound system for healing music, health-empowering documentary films, calamansi-buko and oil-pulling stations, letting-go space, grounding area, garden, art therapy room, infrared sauna room, nuga bed massage room, fitness space, Wellnessland vegetarian restaurant and cafe and health food store, plant-based whole food (raw vegetarian) demo kitchen, and plant-based whole food (cooked vegetarian) demo kitchen. It is indeed a place of slowing down.

Wellnessland Wholeness Center is a themed boutique retreat center, medi-spa, and hostel. It is a place of learning, a place of wellness, a place of simplicity, and a place of wholeness. Wellnessland Health Institute is a loving place of self-health education. Its mission is to empower people to take control of their health and heal themselves holistically. Its vision is to be the best place of self-health education.

Being an all-in-one integrated facility, this wellness and wholeness center is a holistic urban detox retreat center, a health food store, a vegan cafe and restaurant, a vegan demo kitchen, and most of all a holistic place for self-transformation. Their medical spa has a wide array of bodyworks like lymphatic therapy, massage therapies, and acupuncture.



Life has become busy. You have been running round and round the circle of the busyness of life. Life is not supposed to be a struggle. It is supposed to be spent with joy, laughter, peace, love, and compassion. It is supposed to be a life of wellness and wholeness, a life that is baggage-free. So why not give yourself a break? It is all up to you!

Your retreat experience is completely customized to meet your individual needs and goals. Wellnessland will work with you to create a unique wellness plan that is sure to transform your mind, body, and spirit. This includes a pre-arrival wellness consultation, an onsite integrative medical evaluation, three vegan meals per day or juice fasting, personalized treatment and wellness plan, yoga, meditation and nutrition coaching.

Those seeking emotional balance and inner harmony as well as transforming themselves through Meditation, Yoga and Transforming Arts;

·     Transform the sadness to happiness

·     Transform fear to freedom

·     Transform worry to joy

·     Transform entertainment to celebration 


Participants need to be in Wellnessland Wholeness Center a day before the program.

Check In time is 1PM on the day before the scheduled retreat(Jan 11). The retreat will run for 2 full days. Check Out is 1PM on the day after the 2 full days(Jan 14) (So all in all, you have 3 nights).

Day 1

·      05:00 Wake up 

·      05:30 Hatha yoga 

·      06:30 Pranayama

·      07:00 Meditation

·      07:30 Breakfast and rest

·      09:00 Transforming Art sharing (include free Dancing or Movement Meditation)

·      12:00 Lunch 

·      13:30 Yoga Nidra

·      14:00 Rest time, private consultation with holistic doctor, spa treatment, or massage

·      15:30 Vegan Cooking class

·      17:00 Vinyasa Yoga 

·      18:00 Chanting & Meditation

·      18:30 Dinner

·      19:30 Transforming Art sharing (include Therapy painting)

·      21:00 Meditation

·      21:30 Rest

 Day 2

·      05:00 Wake up 

·      05:30 Detox Yoga 

·      06:30 Pranayama

·      07:00 Meditation

·      07:30 Breakfast and rest

·      09:00 Transforming Art sharing (include free Dancing or Movement Meditation)

·      12:00 Lunch 

·      13:30 Yoga Nidra

·      14:00 Transforming Art sharing (includes singing)

·      15:30 Therapy dancing

·      17:00 Vinyasa Yoga 

·      18:00 Chanting & Meditation

·      18:30 Dinner

Check In time is 1PM on the day before the scheduled retreat. The retreat will run for 2 full days. Check Out is 1PM on the day after the 2 full days(So all in all, you have 3 nights). Please check our Events Page for next schedules.

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