Clarity West-Ordonez

Clarity West-Ordonez has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation since the year 2000 and is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Her styles include yin, hatha and vinyasa flow. Her teachers are among the great guru, Paramahansa Yogananda  and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyanada from the lineage of Kriya yoga. Clarity is also an avid raw and vegan/plant-based chef who loves to share techniques for full well-being and healthful living. Clarity teaches and practices her crafts in Manila alongside her husband who is also a yoga teacher and wellness coach. They offer yoga and plant powered food retreats as a way to share the knowledge they've gained through yoga and meditation and healthful living. Please see flowretreats.com for upcoming retreat info or email Claritycreativeco@gmail.com


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Kevin Gaudette

Kevin Gaudette has been cultivating  Tai Ji every day since 1977. He began training with Hwa Yu Tai Ji Master John Chung Li in Boston, Florida, Chicago and Hong Kong. He has trained with Masters in Taiwan, Macao and China, including 12 years in China with Liu He Ba Fa Master Yun Yin Sen.

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Leah Tolentino

Leah Tolentino is a facilitator of renewal, sacred dance artist-healer, pioneering teacher of transformative well-being.  Having overcome the debilitating effects of an auto-immune disease through integrative healing processes,  Leah has embraced her passion for body-soul renewal with the mission of facilitating well-being, becoming the Founding Associate and  Director  of GINHAWA, Inc. 

Leah has worked with Maraya Chebat, pioneer of Core Energy in the Philippines where she learned the application of bio-energetics in the Filipinos’ quest for wholeness and wellness. 

Leah has completed a graduate certificate program from the Pacific School of Religion (Berkeley, California) and a specialty certificate in Sacred Dance, focus on Renewal and Transformation, from the Center of Arts, Religion and Education, both in Berkeley, USA. Ms. Leah has a master’s degree in Spirituality (Naropa/USA) and completed the course work in the doctoral program of the Asian Social Institute.  She has studies in Pastoral Psychology, Oriental Healing Arts and Indigenous Sacred ways.

Beyond these formal studies, she consider her experiences of working with people in the margins (women-in-crisis, people living with HIV/AIDS, farmers in rural areas, young Asians from underprivileged communities, etc.) as the critical training ground through which her skills and her compassion were honed. 

She conducts one-on-one and group process for embodied wellness; a consultant-resource person of well-being programs to government agencies, NGO's, schools, church-based groups, corporations, and has conducted classes for multi-racial groups.  Currently a professor in the graduate program of the Asian Social Institute,  part-time faculty of the Institute of Formation for Religious Studies,

Among the programs she developed/conducted were:  well-being intervention-session for women leader-first responders in the Zamboanga City crisis of 2013, psycho-soma-social support for survivors of super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) including a healing camp to address the post-trauma of children in Eastern Visayas (2013-2014), training facilitators for psycho-soma programs for people living with addictions (2017).

Leah endeavors to translate what she learns from spiritual teachers, healers, development catalysts, academics and indigenous elders into processes that are healing, educative and transformative.