About Karate


Karate as a kind of Martial Arts emphasizes the value of character, physical strength, truth, grace, respect and humility - all qualities necessary for the growing young adults of today. In Karate training, perfection and strength of one’s character is of primary concern. The individual is taught what is beyond the common concept of punches and kicks. Karate as a sports event could eventually teach the individual the real meaning of man’s physical strength geared towards understanding better the deeper importance of respect and humility. When students indulge in sports they develop that sense of belongingness and that spirit of God relations and solidarity, eventually having the full grasp of man’s physical strength as being merely an instrument towards the capability of seeing what is beyond it - respect for one’s self and that of others and the courage to accept one’s self as being less than that of the others.




SAT - 10:00AM to 11:30AM

SUN - 10:00AM to 11:30AM