Food Therapy

A meal is one of the most trivial and yet important things in a human being’s life: it is the opportunity to nourish the body and soul at the same time, as it is also a chance to reconnect with people around us and with mother nature. Throughout our existence, different rituals and techniques to harvest, prepare and eat the food vary according to region and cultures. Still, one thing remains imperative: we all (used to) participate in at least one of the processes that evolves our food. Observing how life has turned in modern society, where processed feelings, information and food is constantly shoved into us, it is no wonder we have, somehow, disconnected from the benefits a meal can bring us from a communal and individual perspective.

This workshop is an attempt to simply take part in two moments related to our food system: cooking and eating. Observing mindfulness along the whole process, our intention is to create space to reconnect with ourselves and with others as we cook and eat together.


We will provide brown rice plus a second dish and you co-create bringing any of the followings:

Sweet Potato, Mushroom, Cashew nuts (or any other type of nuts), Carrots, Turnips, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Tofu, Coconut Milk, Tomato, Lettuce, Bell Pepper.

Just like the gatherers from our past, each participant helps with an element of the meal. Therefore, the menu will be set accordingly to what is available at the time. We kindly ask you to consider bringing enough of it for 6 to 10 participants. 

We meet at 4 p.m. at Wellnessland Health Institute, 3rdfloor and sit for some previous discussion about food, nourishment and lifestyle. Later, we start cooking our dinner observing mindfulness and reaching the elements of mother nature present at the moment. Thirdly, we sit down and eat with our hands in as to make use of our whole body while eating. The moment will be closed with group sharing.

 With light and strength, we will be waiting for you!

For workshop schedules, please call 032-4108456.