Frequently Asked Questions:

 1.     Question: I live outside Cebu. When I come to visit your place, do you offer accomodations?

      Answer: Yes, we do. You can book your stay online through our website or call us for reservations.


2.     Question: Can I enroll in your programs online?

      Answer: Yes, you can enroll online through our website.


3.     Question: How can I know more about the programs that you offer?

      Answer: Details about our programs are posted in our website. You can just browse them in our website.


4. Question: I am not from Cebu and I want to enroll in your 3 days 2 nights wholeness program. May I know what time the program  starts and what time it ends so I could arrange my flight/travel details?

    Answer: The check in time for the program is 8:30am of day 1, but the program usually starts an hour after the check in. Usually for out of town participants, they either fly in early morning of day 1, or they fly in a day before. If you fly in a day before, you can check in at any of your preferred room at the wholeness center(you can book an extra night through our website). If you fly in on the same day, it’s also ok(you can save an additional extra night accommodation). The program ends after lunchtime of day 3 and you can take a return flight to manila early evening of day 3. Taxi is available at the airport, or you can also request for a private car pick up to and from the airport for a reasonable fee.

5.     Question: I want to consult your holistic doctors. Do you offer online consultation?

      Answer: Yes, you can book an online consultation through our website.