Wellnessland Health Institute


“Such Sweet Thunder”

Healing the wounds between Self and Other

a meditation workshop hosted by

Meditation Teacher and Author Christopher Luard

There is a new force that is moving through the spiritual community,

focusing intensely on healing wounds through meditation and

mindfulness. His name is Christopher Luard. He is a long time

meditator, teacher, author, public speaker, and director of the Such

Sweet Thunder Meditation Program.

Such Sweet Thunder is a secular, systematic, easy to follow

meditation program designed to allow the practicer to live a more

peaceful, joyous life.

This program is set up in six stages, each one healing another wound

between self and other. Over this two hour workshop we begin

learning how to reunite mind and body, then body-mind with

environment, and then adding the elements of our emotional body with

an open heart. By cultivating the Such Sweet Thunder meditation

method, we bring loving kindness and compassion to ourselves,

others, and the world.

This workshop is appropriate for beginners and advanced meditators


Why Not Join Us?

“In Meditation we reach a point of stillness. A stillness which is always

there, but our mind is typically too loud to notice it. When we rest in

that stillness, we actually recognize this stillness as the very birthplace

of creativity. It is the same stillness where the universe goes to create

a star, a thought, a song, or a human being”

— Christopher Luard. Such Sweet Thunder