Do you have ESP?  A majority of people believe in Extra-Sensory Perception and ten percent of the world population operates with an inner life skill; often without even knowing it.  Second Sight, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Hearing Voices; Telepathy and Healing Hands, even knowing who is calling before the telephone rings;  comes under the basket term Voice Hearing.  If you do not personally experience it; chances are you know someone who does.


Famously, the most visible of these features: Voice Hearing, is viewed by the public with alarm and disdain.  Frequently, sufferers are dosed with heavy drugs and diagnosed as Schizophrenics.  However, since 1988, an AA-type(Alcoholics Anonymous type) peer group called Hearing Voices Network (HVN: ) has spread to thirty-five countries.  This week, the Philippines will be joining the group with its organizational meeting of HVN in Cebu City at 2 pm on Saturday, May 19. 


The meeting will be held at Wellnessland Health Institute and is co-sponsored by SHEM, a distinctly Philippine, Self Health Empowerment Movement founded by Dr. Romy Paredes, MD.  This introductory meeting is free to the public. Experiencers of all types of paranormal activity, their families, friends, and especially health care professionals, are invited to attend.


These informal, roundtable discussions are led by those who also experience various forms of psychic input.  Meetings consist of easygoing peer consultation and personal discoveries about puzzling aspects of an unknown dimension, which medical science is unquipped to deal with.  Fear of negative entities affects the family and the community at large.  Most physicians simply prescribe a lifetime of mind-numbing psychiatric drugs without approaching the underlying issue itself. How could they without the knowledge which is only now coming to light. Drugs are not the solution because empowerment and self-understanding enable people to deal with their own issues. Thirty years of HVN experience proves that this approach works.


Moderator of these meetings will be Linda J. Brown, American author, blogger and long-time Voice Hearer. She has published three books on the subject and runs her website,, to answer cosmic questions from the public. In 2016, Brown presented a workshop at the 8th Annual International Convention of Hearing Voices Network in Paris, France. She is currently traveling around the world alone for the third time, at age 80 and hopes to help establish HVN chapters in many countries, as well as throughout the Philippines.


For more information, and to schedule media interviews with Linda Brown, contact:


Wellness Health Institute, 314 Sikatuna St. Brgy, Zapatera, Cebu City, Phils. (032) 410-8456, 416-8520 /