A 2 day workshop facilitated by Shanti Ayurveda Philippines

An ancient science of holistic health jewel

Achieve greater vitality, longevity, healing, health and happiness

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Shanti Institute of Ayurveda (SIA) is the lifestyle school that envisions to produce healthy human beings for a healthy society. The Mission is to provide Ayurveda lifestyle education which is a simple and practical self healthcare solution for humanity. The strategy is to bring Ayurveda way of living education program to every home, every village and every school in the world and integrate Ayurvedic philosophy, principles and practices with yoga, indigenous healing system and other holistic healthcare disciplines.

Over time, people have started to realize that the sickness is the result of unhealthy lifestyle. It is health which is the real wealth and the source of all happiness. In Ayurveda, a daily routine to establish the rhythm of life is called Dinacharya. Dinacharya (daily routine) is considered as the central to optimum health and happiness. It is the key to success in managing health, improving immunity and preventing disease. Learn Ayurveda lifestyle to manage your health rather than manage your illnesses which according to ayurveda are nothing more than imbalances created by the environment, diet and lifestyle and inappropriate habits.

Ayurveda Lifestyle can be learned by those who may or may not have existing background in Ayurveda. Shanti Institute of Ayurveda presents a unique opportunity for you to learn Ayurveda lifestyle from Vagbhata Sutra to establish own rhythm in life with your dinacharya (daily routine) and become an “Ayurveda Lifestyle Practitioner” and share it to your family and the community service for nurturing health, restoring balance, creating more joy and freedom.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Education Courses :

1) Know Your Dosha & Know Your Food

2) Vagbhata Sutra - The Rhythm Of Life

3)   Trayaopastambha - Three Pillars of Health

4)   Ayurvedic Home Remedies From Kitchen Pharmacy & Backyard Herbal Garden.

5)   Balanced Diet - Food, Nutritions & Natural Farming

6)   Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

7)   Ayurveda Lifestyle Guide to Stress Management

8)Yoga Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation

9)   Ayurveda Lifestyle Guide For Geriatric Care

10)  Ayurvedic Cooking At Home - Family Health & Happiness

11) Ayurveda Lifestyle Guide to Children Health

12) Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy

13)  Ayurveda Lifestyle Teacher Training

14)  Ayurveda Therapist Training

Course Overview

Ayurveda Lifestyle Education is the holistic way of living training program that teaches self healthcare to establish your own rhythm in life with Ayurvedic Dinacharya (daily routine) and Ritucharya (seasonal routine) for healthy living by making food not medicine, kitchen not pharmacy, natural not chemical, home not hospital, as a preventive and curative health care. The lifestyle training program covers historical and philosophical of origin of Ayurveda, Panchamahabhuta theories, principles of Doshas (humours), daily routine, seasonal routine, common ailments and Ayurvedic home remedies, herbal gardening, balanced diet, food and nutrition, Ayurvedic cooking, Ayurveda massages, Ayurveda beauty therapy, geriatric care, pranayama, yoga and meditation.

Shanti Institute of Ayurveda (SIA) believes that adaptation of Ayurveda lifestyle can transform the vicious cycle of ill-being into a virtuous cycle of well-being. Hence, at SIA, we are committed to empower you with self healthcare knowledge to ensure “your health is in your hands”. Learn Ayurveda lifestyle, if you want health with happiness, wealth with wellness and oneness with wholeness.