It's time to give yourself a gift of pause!

This Overnight Wellness Retreat includes a carefully selected set of activities that are designed to empower you to take charge of your health

The Retreat Includes:

 •  Overnight Stay at Wellnessland Wholeness Center. Yes, you will have

          your own private air-conditioned room    

  • Detoxifying-Nourishing Juices  and Vegetarian Meals
  • Health Empowering Lectures and Dialogues with our Holistic Doctors
  • Art as Self Discovery 
  • Letting Go Process
  • “Slowing Down” phase of your life

·    And some more surprises.

 (You will have FREE TIME of course, so you have space for introspection and inner work)

Check In time is 1PM and Check Out is 1PM the following day.

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