January 17, 2018 (Wed)


Sound affects us on a very deep level. Sound affects our bodies at the most basic molecular level, with cells, organs and brain all having some response. Different tones, notes and pitches can affect our self-healing processes along with expanding our minds, stimulating creativity and generally restoring balance and harmony on a deep soul level.

A crystal sound bath can be described as a "concert for the soul". This 60 minutes of mesmerizing healing sound of crystal singing bowls, balinese bell and "power" songs will bring participants to a deep state of relaxation while balancing the energy centers in the body.

In this session, we will release the stress and toxic energies stored in the mind-body so we can fully receive the blessings of renewal and new beginnings. Together, we will emerge feeling refreshed, vibrant, revitalized and "re-tuned".

Not all sound affects our systems the same way. We are primed to receive the sound that crystal bowls (singing bowls made of quartz crystal) make in our bodies because our bodies are made of 70% water and our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entrainment between sound and body.

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or blanket, or anything else they may need to be comfortable laying on the floor.

Some of the benefits of this workshop include:

✔ greater mental clarity

✔ significantly more joy and happiness

✔ less reactive and more peaceful

✔ deeper relaxation and non interrupted sleep

✔ release of stress and tension stored in the cellular level

✔ helps to balance the chakra system and re-energize the auric field

✔ strengthens the immune system

✔ brings all parts of our self into a unified harmony

We not only hear sound, we feel it too. Our bodies are capable of absorbing sound that is outside our normal range of hearing. People who have hearing-disabilities can participate.

Energy exchange: Php700 (introductory price)

About the facilitators:

Yeyette San Luis is a sound healer, energy healer, passionate musician, singer, songwriter, producer, facilitator and an accountant by profession. She received her training from various teachers including Sound Healing Master Jonathan Goldman in Colorado, USA. Yeyette is also a senior GINHAWA teacher-facilitator of transformative well-being. She was recently featured in the recently concluded Global Mala Project Manila 2017.

Ishilta is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, a well-being coach and a sacred geographer. Apart from being a Reiki Master Teacher, Ishilta is also a certified Pranic Psychotherapist, ThetaHealer, Crystal healer, NLP Master Practitioner, Munay-Ki Keeper, Hypnotherapist, ear acupunturist, and a GINHAWA teacher-facilitator of transformative well-being.