Embodied Approach to Everyday Wellness

January 15, 2018   2:30-5:00 PM

Wellnessland Wholeness Center


We all yearn for renewal, especially after the flurry of activities and stress of the holiday season.

We need to RE-BOOT:  to experience the emptying and easing of the body, the releasing of psychic debris, the re-energizing of the soul.

Welcome the New Year with an experiential de-stressing session that offers do-able tools for everyday wellness.


We infuse our bodies with life-giving energies through breath-work. Remember that our bodies need to be able to breathe well in order to flow and function with greater ease.   


Stresses (and even traumas) are stored in the body.  Our cells know our history. We will help our muscles and mind detoxify naturally and gently through exercises that release recent and long-held stresses.


We re-fill our bodies, minds and soul with life-giving, positive and inspiring thoughts.  We embody these life-giving thoughts and affirming images so that these become part of our daily lives.

The session is designed to:

·      Let you experience stress relief

·      Increase level of energy

·      Improve respiration

·      Enhance psycho-emotional wellness

·      Help you recognize the intrinsic body-mind-soul connection

·      Activates energy that enlivens what we feel and value

·      Enhance sense of natural well-being


Resource Person-Facilitator


Ms. Leah R. Tolentino

Director and Founding Associate of GINHAWA, Inc.  Ms. Leah has completed a master’s degree in Spirituality from Naropa University (California, USA) and a Specialty Certificate in Sacred Dance from the Center of Arts, Religion and Education (Berkeley, California), with interdisciplinary studies in the field of Psychology, Body-Mind-Spirit integration, Oriental Healing Arts, Indigenous Sacred Ways, and has applied these studies through the development and conduct of programs to various client-groups: government personnel and executives, NGO staff, social development workers, graduate students, teachers and other professionals, including the marginalized groups from both the rural and urban sectors. She is a Professor in the graduate program of the Asian Social Institute and a part time faculty at the Institute of Formation for Religious Studies, facilitating wholistic renewal for nuns, seminarians, priests and church workers.

Regular fees: P700.00

Special Rate: P450.00 NGO staff, church workers, caregivers, teachers, healers, those currently undergoing treatment for chronic/debilitating ailments

RSVP and Inquiries:

GINHAWA, Inc. –  0995.745.5459

Wellnessland, Cebu -  +6332.4168520