Loving Self, Loving Culture

through Baybayin

January 13, 2017, Saturday

1:00 – 5:00 pm

WellnessLand Health Institute

314-C Sikatuna St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

As you grow in appreciation of who you are, you also grow in your self-acceptance and over-all sense of wellness. 

Our identity is linked with our cultural identity. In the workshop, you broaden/deepen your understanding of who you are – as you reflect and learn about Baybayin - part of the Filipino’s rich cultural heritage. You are also given the space to express yourself though art.  This is a workshop that integrates creativity for personal growth/wellness and social-cultural appreciation. As we learn about Baybayin, we reclaim a piece of our cultural self – buried and veiled to some extent - inviting us to greater sense of wholeness, as a person As we learn about Baybayin, we reclaim a piece of our cultural self – buried and veiled to some extent - inviting us to greater sense of wholeness, as a person and as a people.

Baybayin is an ancient writing system of early Filipinos. History reveals that almost everyone in the pre-colonial era – children and adult, women and men from different economic status can read and write long before Spain colonized the group of islands known today as the Philippines. Like a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, Baybayin can be considered as a living legacy of the Filipinos’ rich cultural heritage.


·      Broaden self-knowledge in a nurturing way that contributes to over-all well-being

  • Awareness of Filipino Rich-Cultural Heritage through Baybayin
  • Introduction to Reading and Writing Baybayin

·      Nurturing Self through personal and cultural affirmation

·      Culture-based creative expression

Benefits of participating in the Workshop:

~ Experience personal well-being and creative growth

~ Nurture the artist within (No skills on drawing required)

~ Re-connect with indigenous culture through Baybayin

~ To balance left-brain thinking with right-brain creating

Resource Person-Facilitator:

Minifred Gavino - a senior facilitator of GINHAWA, Inc., a non-government organization that integrates creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being. She is the originator-main facilitator of GINHAWA Baybayin Creativity Workshop-Classes that provide a space especially for the young and young adults to rediscover and reconnect to the Filipino ancestral heritage. She is an artist-teacher-facilitator and has developed and co-developed sessions on creativity and culture, indigenous/nature sound-movement and healing, expressive arts and self-care to various groups. She developed the heart-drumming sessions on full moons and facilitates relaxation through sound-healing-massage. She is a part-time faculty of the IFRS teaching Oriental Healing Arts, Folk and Contemporary Dance, Asian Games and Modern Sports to Filipino as well as Asian college students. She attended an Art of Care session with Dr. Patch Adams at the Gesundheit Institute, West Virginia, U.S.A.


Regular Fee: P700

Special Rate P500 (for artists, teachers, healers, senior citizens)

Student Rate: P300 (students)

For inquiry and reservation:

GINHAWA, Inc. – 0905-455-8765, ginhawa.nawa@gmail.com

Wellnessland, Cebu – +6332.416.8520, support@wellnessland-ph.com