Our detox retreat includes a carefully selected set of activities that both detoxifies and nourishes the participants holistically - body, mind, and spirit.  

•  Overnight Stay at Wellnessland Wholeness Center

•  Health Orientation and Aura Reading

•  Detoxifying and Nourishing Juices (you will be given these juices every 3 hours until 9PM).  You are advised not to eat cooked food during this 24 hours. If in case you feel the need to eat, you can eat fresh buko available at our buko stations.

•  LaboraStory Conversations

•  Dialogues with our health educators

•  Coffee Enema lecture

•  Journaling

•  Infrared Sauna

•  “Slowing Down” phase of your life

BONUS/FREE: Beginners Yoga and Meditation(Isha Upa Yoga) – taught by Isha Foundation and facilitated by our Founder, Dr. Romy Paredes M.D.

Check In time is 8:30 AM and Check Out time is 9 AM the following day.