Are you Ready for the Ultimate Nutrition?

- Learn the Stress-Free and Simple Plan to Effectively Transition from a Meat and Toxic Prone Diet to a Plant-Based Diet

- Understand the Ideal Diet and How Enzymes Reverses Diseases and Gives you optimum health

- Know the simple recipes on how to prepare food that nourishes and detoxifies

Join us here in Wellnessland  

Plant Based Whole Food: The Ulimate Nutrition

This workshop is faciliated by Dr. Romy Paredes, the visionary founder of Wellnessland Health Institute and the Staff of Wellnessland Cafe.

Learn these Insights:

- The Power of Raw Food

- What Cooking does to Food

- The Value of Enzymes

- Energy Vampires and Energy Givers

- How to Effectively Transition to a Healthy Diet

- Hands on Experience on Plant Based Whole Food Preparation

Get a Slot for this Workshop and Demo for only Php 995

Inclusive of Wellnessland Apron and of course your healthy creations.