A Gentle Supportive Class for All

Feel your way into greater relaxation, energy, flexibility and peace of mind with this gentle yoga class for beginners.  

Yoga is for everyone!  

When mind and body come together in unity, the spirit and soul regain a sense of serenity that brings alignment to all aspects of life as a rejuvenated fulfillment of joyful living invites us to welcome each new day with gratitude.

Connect with your inner wisdom and let these gentle postures move you into a more flexible and energized body, a quieter and more peaceful mind, and a wider and more open heart.  

See what yoga can do to help you in your journey towards transformation and wholeness.  Let these simple exercises guide you intuitively on your path of healing.

No prior experience necessary!  Wear comfortable clothing.  Yoga mats provided or you may bring your own.

Suggested Energy Exchange: Php200