This is a donation-based community group to be held each week on Wednesday evenings at the 3rd floor of the Wellnessland Health Institute.  All sessions are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.  While we will be exploring different themes to help focus our group dialogues, core frameworks within transformation medicine and dialogic resonance are the foundation for these sessions.  Facilitators will help open the space with sharings and insights relevant to the weekly topic and then offer a channel through which trust and resonance is built.  Conversation emerges through dialogue as participants are supported to share their own stories and insights, building deeper awareness, connection, and growth that might also find resonant points for integration through healing created by the community network.  Participants who resonate with the program are encouraged to inquire about volunteer possibilities with SHEM (Self Health Empowerment Movement) – the sponsoring organization for Wholeness Wednesdays.

This event includes a simple, wholesome, plant-based dinner meal for P150/person.  For participants who are interested to have a potluck style plant-based community dinner during these sessions, this option is also available and can be coordinated ahead of time.  Please inquire for more information on the weekly status of potluck meals.  Please register at least two day in advance to reserve your prepared dinner by the Wellnessland Café.


1. The Autonomic Nervous System and Breaking the Fear-Avoidance Cycle

Philippine-based discoveries are helping to support a greater understanding of the Autonomic Nervous System's role in both fear and flow-based modes of reactivity and response. Scientific research and application work is interpreted to describe how individuals might empower themselves in regulating reactions to threatening situations by learning more about the body's tendency to contract or expand according to various environmental conditions involving family systems, work, food, health, etc.

2. Cognitive Resonance Psychology

Understanding Cognitive Dissonance in relation to the Semantic Network and Latent Inhibition is a gateway into the human mind as a vast regional web of information nodes that store and assimilate energy in ways that either heal or sustain illness.  Developing a psychology of resonance supports the transition of words, thoughts, and actions into responsive mechanisms that further lead to inquiry and dialogue as a method for processing trauma, pain, fear and avoidance.

3. Dialogic Resonance and States of Consciousness

Discovering how cultural blocks and control-based orientations affect the endocrine glands, organs and cells of the body greatly influences health and wholeness simply based on how Asian and Western contexts of communication work.  Through a deeper awareness of language at its roots and an understanding of the essential modes and methods of communication, it is possible to listen to truths being said, beyond what words seem to be saying.