Innerdance Group Session

In these group sessions, explore cognitive insights and practical relationships between internal energy states in relation to systems of interpretation, feedback, and intuitive response.  Experience sessions are music-based in which physical movement may or may not occur.  To lay down and trust the process opens pathways to the brain, body, and breath that allow for expanded awareness to create new patterns of thought, experience, and being.  The innerdance creates a space for opening up to and trusting our intuition and deeper consciousness as it simultaneously supports personal growth, healing and transformation on various levels of experience.

Cost: Php350

What is innerdance?

The innerdance process begins with our power to perceive reality as it is - as a Wholeness.  Through expanded states of consciousness, we explore perceptive fields of observation and collective attributes of the mind that connect reality through the truth of nature as energy, vibratory expression and fluid meaning. The innerdance process peels away layers of limitation and stagnation that build up over time, through traumatic experiences, or within deeply rooted conditionings.  We then see what is beneath all the systems of thought that veil the actual consciousness of our hearts as this process of Trust takes us to inner spaces of intuition and choice where shadows and unknowns unfold and the essence of Being emerges.