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Transformation Medicine Converges Where It Emerged

In 2013, the book Transformation Medicine was launched in Cebu, eventually undergoing a second printing in Malaysia for the insights it brings to Asia in the over-all development of integrative health care systems. 

Transformation Medicine (TM) is not so much a branch of medicine, but rather, a shared inquiry into the nature of the body and the mind, within the context of transformation processes. Its principal authors were interested in how certain people do not just heal from sickness, but eventually use their maladies to transform their lives.  

Transformation Medicine begins and ends with the process of Dialogue. Over the years, practitioners and patients have been gathering together in various places around the Philippines and Asia to share their own questions and answers related to integrated healing contexts, methodologies and applications.  

This May 19-21, 2017, Wellnessland Health Institute, SHEM (Self-Health Empowerment Movement) and GENOA (The Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia) bring together friends and colleagues from around Asia in open space conversations on the many profound insights and innovations uncovered within Transformation Medicine's multi-dimensional perspectives.