The month of May has been a very productive month for everyone who journeyed with us here in Wellnessland. We were full packed with our health empowering events with visitors from different corners of the Philippines.

It's just really right time that people are starting to get aware that the current medical system does not support long term health. Now its time to step back and learn from the basics, and take health into our hands and not be over dependent on our doctors.

Join us here in Wellnessland Cebu with these line up of health empowering events!

Health Made Incredibly Simple Seminar (4 hour Power Talk) - June 4 Saturday

The Ultimate Nutrition Plant Based Diet Demo-Workshop - June 18 Saturday

Health Empowerment and Wholeness Program - 3-Days Healing Retreat - Batch 20 - June 13-15

Join us now!

And if you are one of the many who have visited and journeyed with us already, then its now your time to empower other people who really need to stop the cycle of dependency.

Forward this email, share the schedule, connect them to!

As we always say, it is only together that we can manifest the greatness of our being!

In love and gratitude,

Your Wellnessland Family