If there's one tool or strategy that we all should use to easily heal you in a day or 2, whenever you feel sick with a fever, cough, or anything that will make you just say, "gosh, I'm sick!" then that's Detoxing.

For the past 3 years detoxing has been a part of my life - it's as important as meditation, going on a plant based diet, or even yoga. It's a habit we have developed over the years after learning how to listen to our bodies, and developing a strong bond - a beautiful relationship with this chunk of sexy (ehem!) flesh, blood, and bones designed and gifted to us by God.

Detoxing is as simple as unplugging, or hitting the reset button for our bodies. Like other machines, going on long periods of constant grinding and living the ultra fast paced life of this day and age - as fast as how you scroll your facebook newsfeed - a complete stop is totally needed, because if you don't your body will stop by itself, and we don't want that.

Here are the awesome changes - benefits - that goes on with our bodies when we go on a detox!

1. Our body goes to a healing mode

Yes, as we are divinely designed, our bodies have built in healing mechanism. Every time we go on a detox, our bodies slow down, which means it gets to do what it is supposed to do. On a normal workday, our unending list of to-dos keep us on a treadmill which doesn't give our digestive organs a chance to have a slow normal digestion, our immune system is not given enough time to fight the toxins we take in from our food and environment, and worst, as some patients here in Wellnessland would share - they forget to even breathe!

2. Flush all excess wastes in the body

Yes, we have excess wastes stored in the body. When go on a healing mode, finally at this relaxed moment, supported with nutrition from fruits and vegetables our body will purge properly - stimulating the liver, kidneys, and colon to function at their best.

3. Physical benefits come in automatically

Once the healing mode sets, toxins are out, and nutrition is pumped in, these changes come in overflow: stronger immune system, improved skin, healthier hair, and even anti-aging benefits.

4. Gives the brain the rest it deserves

Our brain needs to slow down as well. I recently read that our brain has up to 50,000 thoughts per day, and 60% of those are negative thoughts. Our thoughts of lack, our worries about the future, the failures in the past, the negative stories, not including the rants in social media and news on TV we get in touch each day - that's just too much! And this much heavy thoughts is the main cause of stress. Would you like for just a day to be in a space where you are present and just acknowledging thoughts that are light and uplifting?

5. More creative, sharper and clearer thinking

When your body does its thing at its own pace, the mind sets in as well. Its a holistic process of healing. You will feel more creative, ideas and solutions to old problems would pop up out of nowhere. You can decide easily, or if the weighing is tough you can see clearly what's at stake. You will feel and think on top of your game!

6. Feel good = better vibration = better attraction

Finally, once you are holistically aligned - body, mind, and spirit, then the universe - everything else will follow. You can clearly hear and accept God's leading hand to the direction you are meant to. Opportunities and openings that leads to a better life, career, and relationships would just come and flow. Simply because we are aligned!

This is how a simple break, unplugging, reset - can do to your life.

As a freelance creative, detoxing and showing lots of love for my self has been one secret tool that has kept me for years. It's in the times of break that great things start lining up for my life. It's automatic, whenever I feel down physically or emotionally, I'd just simply go and ask myself, "What does my body need to detox - get rid of - now?" Then I go on my detox - maybe a raw food fast, a weekend getaway somewhere far in Cebu, or even a simple coconut fast.

If you have been detoxing already, I'm sure you can add more amazing benefits to these life-giving regimen. If you have not started, then go try doing one for yourself. Here in Wellnessland, we are doing a 3-Day Yoga and Detox Getaway this weekend, it would be a perfect quickstart to experience guided detox first hand.

Hit that reset button now so you can jump on to a better body, better life, a better you!