Did you know that there are a lot of things being missed in our Yoga practices here in the Philippines? Such as the correct alignment, health benefits of each pose, and poses for special needs?

Wellnessland is excited to share to you that our visiting yoga teacher, Karin Gleichner, from Switzerland, is sharing her to the Yoga Cebu Community a deeper and more beautiful experience of Yoga through workshops and one-on-one therapies.

First off is the YOGA WORKSHOP, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7 at 6:30-8:00 PM here in Wellnessland Cebu. Here, Karin shares to yoga practitioners be it newbies or advance on how to deepen and also expand our yoga practice. She will be tackling the very basic yet often left out points in the yoga practice. There is more wisdom to just performing and following what is being instructed to you. Surely, your yoga will never be the sameonce you've understood these principles.

yoga workshop cebu

It doesn't stop from there. Karin, in line with the mission of Wellnessland to bring the best out of people's health, will also be offering customized one on one sessions:

1. Yoga Therapy (By Appointment) - Healing of physical, emotional, and mental issues, blood circulation, digestion, sleep, hormones, dementia, psychosomatic disorders, depression, cancer, trauma and more.


2. Hatha Yoga (Mon, Tues, Thurs - 6:15pm to 7:45pm) - increase your physical and mental awareness, improve flexibility and balance, strenghten and relax your muscles, joints, and nerves, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, strengthen your immune system and more.

3. Mystic Healing (By Appointment) - the channeling and transmission of the universal energy through a mystic healer which leads us to a state of complete relaxation and experience our true nature: LOVE. You will have emotional balance, mental harmony, and deep inner calmness and clearing of energetic blocks from the mind and body.

mystic healing in wellnessland

Once again, Wellnessland is really blessed to have these amazing souls stopping by in Cebu, and its a rare privilege that we all should take part of!