Intuition is what the brain knows how to do when you leave it alone..
— Dr. Paul Maclean, Neurophysiologist

When we face problems, it can be comforting to turn into a friend or experts to show us the way to the solution. But asking others to make decisions for us can leave us feeling less competent than ever. However, there is a way to regain sense of control over our lives. By using our intuition, we can reclaim our own power, we can rely on our ability to make decisions for ourselves.

Intuition is knowledge that springs from an expanded state of awareness that always offer answers to questions we may have formulated either consciously or subconsciously. It is our gut feeling, inner guide or our soul communicating to us.

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.
— Albert Einstein, Physicist

Here’s 3 tips to tap your intuition and make it stronger.

First is you need to learn to pay attention. Here’s some question to guide you through.

  •     Do you move through your days with your focus on the next step? Or even the fiftieth step ahead?
  •     Do you let your mind rake up past events over and over again?
  •     Does your mind flitter off in all directions, with crazy thoughts leading you in a merry chase?

Sometimes it can be really difficult to be here in the present, taking full notice of your current experience. However, intuition relies on attention. How else will you recognize its message if you are in the future or past?

Second, watch out for synchronicities. Once you pay attention more to the world around you, your consciousness will expand. Examples;

  •     Thought about someone and then bumped into them soon after?
  •     Reminded yourself to call on old friend, and then they call you first?
  •     Meet up “accidentally” with someone you know in the most unlikely space?

Third is develop your intuition by having journal for you to record your responses to the exercises, slow down, still your mind by learning to be comfortable with silence and meditate.

Intuition is a natural gift that can guide us in our lives. Others use it for healing, others use it for decision making, and children use it to learn. Just remember that your intuition will guide you when you feel lost and give you answers when you thought there were none. Intuition is a serious business, but it is also FUN. So, ENJOY!

Peace and love to us all.