After the very successful "Emergence Convergence 2016" held in Palawan last week where 80 world leaders from education, government, military, social enterprise, waste, community, sound, health, permaculture, art and all things shifting into sustainability gathered in an eco-village in Palawan - Doc Romy and Doc Pao represented Wellnessland and we are proud to say, they won the hearts of these amazing leaders.

It is because of this that Wellnessland is excited to tell you that a lot of healers will be coming here in Wellnessland starting today and in the next months to give health seminars and workshops.

First off, we have El Kalinado, who is an internationally known sound healer who is currently based in Palawan and later today May 31 at 4:30 here in Wellnessland Cebu - yes, that's how fast it is - he will holding space for a FREE presentation on ENERGY MEDICINE and EMOTIONS RE-PROGRAMMING.

El Kalinado has combined these two modalities to detect and repair any imbalances affecting the endocrine system due to emotions. He is excited to show to us how emotional traumas can be reversed!

Yes, it's a short notice, but we can't just pass on this very amazing - and yes, life changing - opportunity for emotional healing.

So come and join us! Bring your officemates, family members, friends, and the whole gang.

Be blessed, and be renewed - its all for FREE!