Last time we get right into the plain and simple guide to personal wellness - the body. Today we go into the next level of wellness - our mind.

The mind’s power to heal or hurt the body has been demonstrated time and again. An exciting medical field is shedding light on how the body-mind works. There is a circular interaction between the immune system and the mind brain. The mind seems to influence the immune system through its language capacities and its ability to think and to store information, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences. The immune system “talks” back to the brain sending messages via hormones from the endocrine system that affects emotions and other mental states. This interaction produces increased vulnerability to illness or enhances the likelihood of recovery or of staying well.

Most illnesses are psychosomatic. Mental and behavioral therapies are now being used as an essential part of the treatment. Yet there is danger of blaming victims who don’t get better for not using their minds more effectively. There are other factors over which one has little control, such as genetic vulnerability, deep-seated complexes, and environmental toxicity. Letting go of self-blaming may help free up previously wasted energy for use in one’s whole person treatment – through exercise, diet, imagery and a support group, as well as conventional medical approaches.
Personal empowerment consists of profound awareness of our self-worth, competence (knowledge and skills) to accomplish things important to us, and inner strength to guide our own life and influence others in constructive directions. Without this power to cope, it is very difficult to handle life crises without developing disease.

Empower the MIND

- strengthen our mental muscles through daily mind exercises, such as reading, crossword puzzles, word games, active participation in seminars and workshops, etc.

- enhance the creativity of our mind by problem solving, opening oneself to new experiences, new ways of thinking/saying/doing things, etc.

- practice meditation and dream work regularly for healing and stress management

Even taking time to read this is also one best way to bring wellness to your mind. Right?

Also you can learn more by joining us in the many monthly health seminars we hold. Look into our schedule of events here.

Good job and see you on the last part on Personal Wellness - Spirit!