After being a medical doctor for more than a decade, I am fully convinced that the best solution to our health is self-empowerment. We need to take charge of our health. We need a new health care system…a system that is self-empowering!

Statistics show that there are more diseases today than ever before.
Statistics show that there are more bypass procedures done today than ever before.
Statistics show that there are more dialysis procedures donetoday than every before.
Statistics show that there are more chemotherapy procedures done today than ever before.

What do all these mean? It only means one thing… the health of society is getting sicker.


Because we continue to entrust our health to industries.

So what should we do?

Let’s take charge of our own health. Let us be brave to be on the driver’s seat of our health. After all, healing only comes from within.

What does it take to take charge of our health?

It needs two fundamental elements
1.It needs our trust in nature (After all we are designed by nature, not by industries)
2.It also needs our commitment to gradually develop and implement healthy habits in our daily activities.


Friends, think of this analogy.

If my Samsung cellphone gets sick, where is the best place to bring it?
Of course to the service center of Samsung.
If my Acer laptop gets sick, where is the best place to bring it?
Of course to the service center of Acer.
If my Sony dvd player gets sick, where is the best place to bring it?
Of course to the service center of Sony.

Do you get what I mean?

In life, it is always like that. We go to the manufacturer when something goes wrong with our gadgets.

But when it comes to health, when something goes wrong, do we go to our manufacturer? Do we do things that are in line with NATURE to fix our health? Or do we just look for a quick fix?

Nature made us.

Nature designed us.

So nature is still our best ally!


Most of our systems nowadays in the current health care system are of the “Mr. Quickie” type.

We take drugs to alleviate the symptoms.

We take drugs to lower those numbers…the sugar, the cholesterol, the uric acid, the blood pressure, etc.

Yes these drugs lower those numbers, but they are only as good as the last tablet/capsule you took. The next day, you need to take it again…and again, and again. That’s why it’s called maintenance drug. You maintain the drug, but isn’t it that the disease is also maintained and not eradicated? Perhaps the disease is controlled by the drug, but control is different from cure.
From the patient’s perspective, the perfect drug is supposed to be a drug that cures, a drug that ends the disease. (Especially for chronic conditions like hypertension anddiabetes). But most people with hypertension and diabetes who are taking maintenance drugs take their drugs for the rest of their lives.

The problem is there’s no such thing as perfect drug. Why? Because it is not the design of nature.

We get sick slowly(through our unhealthy habits) and we should also recover slowly(through healthy habits). This is the design of nature. Nature can not and can never be fast-forwarded.

For example, if I just planted a corn and I want to eat it the next day, can I tell the corn to grow fast so that I can eat it tomorrow? No. I have to wait for 4 months before I can eat it, because that is the design of nature.

In health, God’s solutions are most of the time long term. That is the design of nature. Long terms solutions can only be done through healthy habits.

Our habits are a thousand times more powerful than our desires. Many people desire to be healthy but do not develop the habits of becoming healthy.

We only have 24 hours in a day, and 8 hours of that is our time in bed. The remaining hours is not that difficult to fill up with healthy habits one step at a time.

In love and healing,
Dr P

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