This February is going to be an exciting time for us, as we launch our new program for medical health practitioners who want to make their practice holistic - the MD Program.

By the way, it's me, Gail. Some of you may have known me as your health educator and program facilitator. I am a nurse by profession, but instead of working in the hospitals, I choose to be here and I love what I do here in Wellnessland.


I’ll tell you my simple secret.


As Dalai Lama said, “If you want others to be HAPPY, practice compassion. If you want to be HAPPY, practice compassion. “

As defined, “Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. “

Few years back, I left the country to work abroad. For 2 years away from my family and friends, I felt empty and stagnant. I didn’t see the meaning of a NURSE. It was a routine and no time for nurse-patient interaction.

I was unhappy and i felt like there was no soul purpose of working there. I fell into the depth of depression until one day, I asked myself,

“Why am i here? What am i doing to myself? Where's the "noble" in this job?Is this really what I want for myself? Is this how it feels  like to be a nurse? Seeing patients in pain every time they come and visit us? Can’t they just visit us and share how happy they are with the treatment they received?” It didn’t make sense!

Until I taught myself how to meditate.  (Of course, thanks to youtube! hehe)

And there, my spiritual journey started. Instead of searching the answers of my frustrations and crises outside, I looked deep inside myself. Right then and there the Universe abundantly gave me what I need.

Slowly I understand that my nursing practice was too physical and body based. It only looks into the body, the flesh,  and how to cure that disease, how to fix that problem. And it's not sustainable. There's always pain and suffering among my patients. They may be cured but something was missing. That's when I started to look beyond the physical - I slowly understood the importance of the mind, emotions, and spirituality.

My transformation was a metamorphosis, a beautiful process like a butterfly. Well until now, I am beautifully evolving every single day by CONNECTING to the divinity of each patient. I have discovered the best tools to guide the patients in their wholeness. I have cultivated my core gifts and utilize them.

Today instead of analyzing the sickness of the patients, I begin with a conversation. I guide them to answer the biggest "why's?" in their lives. I consider the stories of their lives that revolves around the sickness - expectations, goals, dreams, career, priorities, and relationships. And it is by going through these inward processes that their physical healing jumps into turbo speed!

Seeing our patients transform from fear-based patient to love-based patient and knowing that I have journeyed with them through their transformation has been such a wonderful observation.

Now, my service is meaningful and it is a very gratifying feeling.  Going back to the definition, I am very honored and blessed to find the true essence and the true meaning of BEING a nurse. It’s no longer about the medications we give to the patients, but the love and compassion that we put into our chosen profession makes it holistic.

My soul honors the divinity in you.