Friend, did you get enough sleep last night?

Many of our patients here in Wellnessland are having insomnia and lack of rest. Rest and Relaxation is what our body needs every single day. As our body rests, our cells open its gateway allowing the nutrients to pass through for nutrition and energy. When our cells are well nourished, our body organs releases its toxins and shifts into healing and repair mode. To facilitate the healing mode and have a well rested sleep, here's a few steps that you can practice at home.

1. Take A Warm Half or Sponge Bath

        When a tense body enters a warm bath, the hot water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles. Relaxing the muscles not only helps us relax physically, but also mentally, and many of us need that peace of mind at the end of the day.

2. Bedtime Pranayama (Control Breathing)

         Without tensing or gripping, begin by simply slowing down your breath until you can count to 4 on your inhale and 4 on your exhale.When we start to breathe less with the chest and more with the diaphragm or belly, this turns down the sympathetic nervous system. Continue for 3–5 minutes, you can build up to as much as 10 minutes over time as long as it feels comfortable and relaxing. Staying relaxed is key here.

3. Child’s Pose Modification

        For this yoga pose you will need a rolled up towel to place under your forehead. Sit back on your heels in a comfortable position then walk your hands forward and place your forehead on the rolled towel. Stay for 2–4 minutes and visualize the thoughts pouring out of your brain onto the floor as you allow your mind to empty here.

4. Legs-Up-the-Wall Modification

        Lie with your legs up a wall. Make yourself comfortable here with your head and pelvis resting on the ground, a comfortable distance from the wall. When you’re finished adjusting, begin to come back to the pranayama practice above, slowly lengthening your exhales to allow your nervous system to drop in even deeper this time. Make sure you are able to let the breath be leisurely, as you rest in the exhales so that each round you visualize yourself melting deeper into the floor. Do 5–10 rounds of the 4-count inhale, 8-count exhales then let go of the pranayama practice and let the breath be natural for about 5 minutes. When you are finished, gently roll to your side and slowly head right to bed.

5. Maximize Meditation

        Meditation is another helpful tool in combating sleep disturbances. Meditating for ten minutes right before bed is especially helpful for inducing the passive state that is necessary for sleep.

Try these simple steps on how you can easily fall into a deep beautiful sleep. Just simply believe and trust the process, and everything will follow!



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