I've been seeing patients almost everyday - individuals, partners, and even groups - and I've noticed one thing common in almost all cases.

Do you want to know what?

During our daily health orientation we would hear stories of patients starting from colds, hyper-acidity, diabetes, hypertension, to more serious cases like tuberculosis,  depression and the sadly the now very rampant - cancer. We are doing this here in Wellnessland because we look at wholeness - healing the body, mind, and spirit - and we want to go beyond the typical consultation where patients get a prescription, and expect them to come in a couple of days. Here, we've learned that to effectively heal a person, we must spend time to empower and equip them with the right mindset on knowledge to reverse their sickness. We do this through conversations.

And do you know what's common in all these conversations?

Their illnesses starts with stress.

Yes, it's that simple. And surprisingly, the patients themselves would be the one to admit that the bottom-line of their sickness is stress. Most of the time, they themselves are surprised. How can one small aspect of their "daily" lives end up to be so deadly?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's a song that goes, "All great things from small beginnings" Right?

Same is true with stress becoming the root causes of our illnesses.

As what Hanz, one of our health advocates and our filmmaker here, would say,

"Stress is when something or someone is there in your life that's not supposed to be there. Or something or someone should be in your life but is not there!"

Yes, exactly the same with diseases - toxicity and deficiency.

Hanz shared to us how he healed his hyper-acidity simply by identifying the root cause.

As a creative guy, he shares that in his industry time is stress, stress is time. At first he recounts that catching up deadlines, added with creative pressure and pressure from the clients is all part of the job. So these daily nuances - stresses - started building up. He began to skip meals, and if he could get the time to eat, he would eat without chewing properly! Plus add the acidity from the quick instant food and of course coffee, to cut the long story short - gastroesophageal reflux disease was born.

You see what happened?

Stress led to the behavior, which became habits - obviously bad habits - which led to the disease.

And this pattern is so common to almost all diseases. How a bottle of cold soda can make you feel better, how coffee can bump up your energy, how a pack of chips can fill your hunger, how not sleeping much can get through deadlines, not to mention cigarettes and alcohol. Do these in a regular daily basis, and you know the results.

In short, we create unhealthy habits to fight stress.

A short term fix, that creates a life long sickness.

At the end of the day, in dealing with stress we go back to toxicity and deficiency,

"Stress is when something or someone is there in your life that's not supposed to be there. Or something or someone should be in your life but is not there!"

Take a moment to pause. Feel your body. Be present. And ask yourself:

Is there something that I have to let go of?
Something or someone I have cut off?
Or is there something that I lack?
Something that my body, my mind, and most importantly my spirit needs?

Friends, let's deal first with the small "daily" stresses.

Do a daily detox. Detox of food, events, and even people.

And do a daily nourishment. Nourish your body with the right food, right fun, and the right feofol (people!) hehehe!

In love and gratitude,