As we approach another new year, may we all have a new beginning, a new outlook, and a new perception.

Here's a few simple steps towards a NEW YOU.....

1. Center

     Center on your true nature, on your true identity.

     Our true nature is to be free and to love.

     Our true identity is we are LOVE.

2. Expand

     I'm not referring to expanding just as the world defines it. I am referring to expanding your understanding and expanding your consciousness.  

     Keep on expanding your understanding.

     Keep on expanding your consciousness.

     As we expand our understanding and consciousness, the world around us shifts to a higher dimension, miracles begin to happen. Our reality shifts to a clearer perception, and our problems begin to dissolve without stress.

3. Flow

    Reality is always in flux, never constant. The reason why we suffer is because we resist reality, and not only that, we put judgement to reality, and we develop attachments.

    Friends, if you want to enjoy life fully, as in FULLY, do not attach JAR to your reality.

    What is JAR?




   There is so much judgment in this world, and this has created tension in ourselves.

   Always remember that God's love is unconditional, yes, UNCONDITIONAL.

   So just keep yourself OPEN and just FLOW and FLOW with reality, with less and less of the JAR.

Lastly, I would like to share the words I say to myself everyday, together with my lovely wife and son, after our morning prayer and meditation.....

"I am the full expression of God's love. Just as God is love, so am I.

I feel love.

I feel God.

I am not this body, I am only in this body."

Happy New Year and a Happy New You!

In life, truth and love,

Romypot aka Dr P he he

ps. Share the message to your friends and family as well!