Happy 2016! 

It's me Gail, your health educator here in Wellnessland!

I've been hearing the stories of our patients, seeing cancer patients almost everyday (yes it has been as common as colds!) I personally have now been very familiar of the look of fear - the look of chaos. 

They would come into my room, bringing in their lab results, or the diagnosis and prescriptions of the doctor all feeling heavy as if judgment has already been held upon them. 

"What will happen to me now?"
"What will happen to my family? My children?"
"How will I get all the money for this operation?"
"Will I even survive?"

We know, you've heard of us say this so many times, but here we are repeating it again.

"Maybe your sickness has something to tell you? Maybe that disease brings a message - not for anyone else, but only for you. Only you can know, a message that only you can understand"

And more often than not - there is.

Here's a list of 12 messages that can be found in our sicknesses!

1. A message telling you to slow down, let go of control. 
2. A message telling you to look into your life, perhaps review your priorities.
3. A message telling you to cut something that you have been dragging all your life.
4. A message telling you to step up, or maybe to step down
5. A message telling you to go out travel or to come back home.
6. A message telling you perhaps you need to forgive, or ask for forgiveness.
7. A message telling you to come back and work on your passion.
8. It could even be a message of freedom - take action towards your freedom.
9. A message telling you to START taking action of something you've been wanting to do, or to STOP something that you have been doing that destroys you.
10. A message telling you to stop being that person that others - your family, friends, and relatives - wants you to become. That disease tells you to be yourself!
11. A message telling you to stop trying to please everybody
12. A message telling you to let go of all your expectations and just flow

And the funny thing there, these messages are pretty obvious to each of us personally that we avoid them!

As we venture on this new year, this 2016 - we pray that we all learn the art of looking for the message.

Looking for the greater story in each of our experiences.

As what our dear friend, Friedrich Nietzsche said,  

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to star.

Have an awesome 2016!