Friends, ponder on this. I call it the tools of creation:

Intuition – Beliefs – Thoughts – Words – Action – Manifested Reality

For quite some time,  I usually begin myprocess of creation from the thoughts, in the middle.
Then I turn my thoughts into words.
Then I turn my words into action.
Then my action leads to reality.
It was effective.

But there was a problem. My thoughts were scattered and not focused. My thoughts sometime go haywire. Sometimes, all of a sudden, an idea sprung from my thoughts, then I write the idea, then I act on the idea, then kaboom..reality again.  So for many times, I ended up manifesting a reality that eventualy I didn’t like or the happiness was only short lived.  This is the danger when we rely solely on thoughts.

Lessons from my failures led me to the left side of the tools of creation, which is the beliefs before the thoughts and the intuition before the beliefs. Beginning with intuition make the process of creation more aligned with the agenda of my soul.
Beginning my process of creation from my intuition provided me my compass for the true north.  It serves as a guide towards the fulfilment of the agenda of my soul.

Practically saying, intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Simply put, intuition comes from the ultimate source – God.

And I noticed something great about this discovery of mine.
When I begin with my intuition, I end up manifesting a reality that makes me truly and lastingly happy.
There is less effort.
There is less stress.
There is more fun.
There is that deep sense of joy and satisfaction.
There isthat “spark of divinity” within the manifested reality.
All of the above I haven’t reallyexperienced when I wasmostly beginning my tools of creation from my thoughts.

In the tools of creation,  it may seem linear to you but actually it’s not.
For example, it does not mean that reality can only manifest by passing through the process in a linear fashion.
It can actually go spiral.
What does it mean?
Reality can manifest without passing through the thought.
Reality can manifest without passing through the words.
Reality can manifest without passing through the action.
How the heck does that happen?
It happens through the universal law of co-creation.
As we are created in the image and likeness of God, we are co-creators in this universe.
Yes we have our own plans, but let’s not forget that there is also a Divine Plan, which is much grander than our own plans.
Being conscious of the Divine Plan doesn’t meanwe become lazy and no longer design our own plans. No it doesn’t work fully that way.
When we make our own plans,  and allow the Divine plan to manifest too, that is perfect! It’s the act of co-creation. Our actions open up God’s grace into our lives.

Now the big question is, how do we manifest our desired reality and be 110% sure it will come to life?

The answer is Habits.

Now what’s the role of habits?
Oh yes habits play a very important role.
Habits are what we repeatedly do.
It is what we repeatedly do that defines our destiny.
Habitsshape our character.
Habits are very powerful.
Habits are a thousand times more powerful than our desires.
Many people desire to be wealthy but they don’t develop the habits of becoming wealthy.
May people desire to be healthy but they don’t develop the habits of becoming healthy.

Success is not an act, it’s a habit.
Failure is not an act, it’s a habit.

Health is not an act, it is a habit.
Health is not in a prescription pad. It is in your habits.
I have been teaching my patients healthy habits.
I have been doing the healing habits myself.
And it works for the long term.
Which do you prefer?
Short term health or long term health?
Short term success or long term success?
Short term happiness or long term happiness?

Only habits can give you long term health!
Only habits can give you long term success!
Only habits can give you long term happiness!

In love, light and healing
Dr P