Today, I will share to all of you the bottomlines of health.

Sometime ago, when i was still in medical school, I learned and memorized as part of my medical education all the diseasesof the human body.

These diseases range from the most simple to the most complicated......
             common colds
             systemic lupus erythematosus (an example of a medical jargon that most people don't understand)

The above are just examples of the thousands of diseases that could possibly afflict a human body.

After learning all these diseases, we end to the bottomline which is how to treat these diseases. And from what I remember in my medical school, the bottomline treatment is more focused on pharmacology, on surgery - more on treating the symptoms, not the root cause.

In my journey towards the so called less travelled road of medicine, i graduallyopened my mind to the fundamentals, to the bottomlines.

So what are these so called bottomlines?

What are these so called fundamentals?

If you understand and grasp these bottomlines, then you can possibly put yourself on a journey towards your health freedom, then you can become the best doctor of yourself.

One of my life mentors, Albert Einstein(though I never met him hehehe) once said, "Genius lies in making the complicated simple."

Ten years of medical school (from pre-med to proper med) have bombarded us with lots of information, from anatomy to physiology to biochemistry to pharmacology.

I have learned all these complexities in those 10 years of medical school, but what i learned after med school when I decided to walk the less travelled road of medicine is wisdom. I learned and gained the wisdom of health throughan open mind, a hunger for higher levels of truth.

Indeed, when it comes to knowledge, something is being added everyday, but when it comes to wisdom, something is being dropped everyday.

So my friends, are you ready to know these bottomlines? Keep your minds open and wide and be like a sponge to accept these bottomlines:

The 2 bottomlineroot cause of diseases
1. Toxicity
       This means something is there in your body that is not supposed to be there.
2. Deficiency
       This means something is not there in your body (or is there but not enough) that is supposed to be there

So if there are 2 bottomline causes of disease, it follows that there are also 2 bottomline solutions to disease.

The 2 bottomline solutions to diseases
1. Detoxify/Clean-up
      - clean the body of unwanted toxins
2. Nourish
      - nourish the body of its real food, the kind of food that is provided by nature

These bottomlines have been my guiding principles in my day to day medical practice (Ooopps i no longer use the wordmedical practice because it gives the impression that im just practicing to my patients, hehehe)

So let me say it again, these bottomlines have been my guiding principles in my day to day medical work of empowering people to take control of their health.

So let's start that detox and nourishment - now!

I will share more of these bottomlines in my next stories and articles with you in the coming weeks.

Be well, Be natural!
With so much love and gratitude,
Dr P