I once asked my first yoga teacher what's the difference between eating meat and eating vegetables and fruits. And he simply said,

"Meat is dead, plants are alive".

Ohhhh... beautiful.

For me it was just a beautiful story, a beautiful idea.

However, it is only during these past years when I understood the true essence of that explanation. That is when I saw cancer victims literally getting healed and transformed.

You name it - breast cancer, lung, stomach, and even pancreatic cancer.

How? They simply started eating live food.

It's a fact, a basic science, cancer cells thrive in acidic environments which basically is created by taking in processed and "dead" food to our bodies - meat as a perfect example. However, cancer cells doesn't survive in alkaline based environments which is brought by eating living food - fruits and vegetables.

And practically speaking, there's a huge difference in how you feel after eating pure plant based food rather than eating meat. Ah, we call it B.S. - Baboy Syndrome.

It's only on a plant based diet when you are full but you feel light!

"But how can I transition? I've been a meat eater all my life?"

The strategy for long term and sustainable plant based diet for the "hardcore meat eaters" is simply not to stop eating meat, yes still continue eating meat! But you have to add - add more vegetables and fruits.

How does that work?

Our body is truly intelligent that it will adjust on its own. And one will soon automatically start to say no to meat.

In other words, at last, the body has found what it truly needs.

"But that's so difficult."
"There's no vegetables served in our canteen"
"All my family members are meat eaters!"
"How can I survive?"
"All my friends will say I'm "OA", I'm so "others!" (Story of my life!)

Whew! I know how it feels. That's how I started 3 years ago.

"Yes Hanz, how did you do it?"

As what Doc Romy says in his "Plant Based Whole Food Demo Workshop" - it starts with WHY!

Which is true, I have a very big practical indestructible reason - a giant why - why I practice a plant based diet.

Yes, I want to live longer.
Yes, I don't want to get to my senior years with all my family worrying about my health.
Yes, it practically cured my ulcer.
Yes, I have to walk to my talk.
And so on....

But my biggest why?


I know it's practical, and yes, it's not something very selfless.

As a creative and a filmmaker I do so many things that is mentally and physically draining day in and day out. Pressure and long working hours is our life. But to be honest, it was only when I transitioned to plant based diet and overhaul my lifestyle geared towards wellness when I noticed a big spike in my outputs.

Better ideas, faster mobility, bigger results.

And it's not because it's my job, it's because I want to create and do more with my life - experience more. I simply can't afford to be sloppy, slow, and even be sick.

In other words, it is only with the Plant Based diet where it really did mold me to become a better version of myself.

It is with this big why that all excuses on the difficulty of Plant Based Diet in the Philippines didn't exist anymore.

So friends, I know most of you are wanting to transition to a plant based diet - start with why. Know your why. It's not an easy ride, but hey, "What the mind can conceive, you can achieve"

Live in love,