I go around the country giving free health empowering talks to interested groups or organizations. I do this under the umbrella of my organization which I founded last year. This organization is called Self Health Empowerment Movement(SHEM), an NGO whose mission is to spread self-health empowering education to the people, on a national and global scale. 

In all the talks I give, I always ask the audience this question: “Raise your hands if there’s anyone here who don’t know anyone who have cancer within your network of friends, relatives, families, workmates, churchmates, schoolmates, etc?” I always get the same answer: : No one raises their hands, including me. 

My uncle have cancer. My wife’s aunt, uncle and grandma have cancer. Gosh cancer have become more common nowadays. In my medical work, I also encounter a lot of cancer patients, day in and day-out. 

The Battle We Didn't Choose

The current healthcare system understanding of cancer:
- it’s genetic
- it’s deadly
- there are only 3 widely accepted treatments for cancer in the medical community: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
- the treatments are radical and have lots of side effects(for example, chemotherapy kills the “bad” cells, but also the  “good” cells
- diet has nothing to do with it(a lot of cancer patients who are doing chemotherapy are not advised to go on a plant-based diet)
- cancer is staged as 1,2,3 and 4(4 being the worst and there is little hope for stage 4)
- Recurrent  cancer  needs the same treatment(surgery, chemo, radiation)
- For cancer patients, there is so much fear as they begin to undergo the treatments of cancer.

There is so much fear around, especially those who are stricken with cancer. 

Because the society’s understanding of cancer is fear based.

What you are about to hear may rock or even dismantle the very foundation of your beliefs about your body, health and healing.

Why do we call cancer cells as “bad” cells? Are they really bad? If they are really bad, does it mean our body doesn’t know why it’s there? Does it mean our body made a mistake?

In a similar way, why do we call “LDL cholesterol” as “bad” cholesterol?
Is “LDL cholesterol” really bad? If it is really bad, how come LDL cholesterol is present in newborns? These newborns haven’t eaten lechon yet and yet their LDL cholesterol level is never zero. All newborns have LDL cholesterol.

Who is telling us that LDL is bad?

Who is telling us that cancer cells just came out of our bodies because of our genes? 

Our body never harms its own. It is always working in a divinely intelligent way to protect itself. 
The theory that cancer is a life threatening disease that has a separate power or agenda other than your own is just an acquired belief,and yet beliefs shape our reality. Yes, our beliefs shape our reality.

I believe in the infinite intelligence of our body’s design, that’s why I always remind people that we are created in the image and likeness of God, not in the image and likeness of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the book “Cancer is Not a Disease But a Survival Mechanism” written by Andreas Moritz(a medical intuitive), it was so clearly explained that cancer is a mechanism of the body to fix what needs to be fixed. It is our body’s final attempt to heal itself. It is our body’s final shout to  us  to leave our old unhealthy habits behind and begin a new life of  healthy habits. It is an invitation for us to transform.

The body has an innate tendency and capacity to heal itself.  Cancer has a tremendous potential of creating deeper meaning and purpose in a person’s life.  You can do much in terms of self healing that you may never have thought of it before.  The cancer cells are still your body’s cells. You can truly start healing the physical and non-physical causes causes of cancer.

On a bigger perspective, cancer is a powerful tool for humanity to move on towards the consciousness age. Humanity is going farther and farther away from who we truly are, and cancer, soon reaching its turning point(more and more common), will lead us back to who we truly are.

Live simply.
Learn infinitely.
Laugh habitually.
Love boundlessly.

Love and Gratitude,
Dr. P.