Years ago, I had a patient who was a CEO of one of the big business firms here in Cebu. He came with all his formalities, and expressed that his health is really in a bad shape. He has had complications in his heart and problems with acidity in his stomach. And smart as he was, he doesn't want to take maintenance medicines saying that it makes him feel "old"! hehe

As I usually do, I facilitated in tracing the root cause and finding out where this all started. He proudly said to me "Of course, stress!"

So we talked further, I explained to him about toxicity and deficiency, and introduced him to the 8 famous doctors. I then wrote on his prescription pad, "Hug a Tree!"

He was surprised. But still he was willing to give it a shot.
Weeks after he returned and totally looked a lot better now. And he recounted his funny experiences of hugging the tree.

At first he was shy because his neighbors were starting to stare at him in the early mornings. Soon they started talking while looking at him. He thought that maybe the neighbors were thinking that he was crazy. So what he did the following day was really smart - he brought the prescription pad with him as he was hugging a tree!

Friends, it's really about slowing down and take time to do something new, something fun, just to reconnect us and not take everything too seriously.

He was telling me that it was really refreshing for him, a serious big shot corporate guy, to be just so childlike in hugging a tree. Later on, he would smile and wave at his neighbors and they would all smile and laugh back at him. It was crazy, but it was fun, it was healthy!

Go! Hug a Tree! Feel its vibration and understand that it's a huge living breathing thing! You can whisper to it, you can hum to it, feel your skin as it touches the bark and the leaves. Close your eyes. And see the difference. This is holistic healing at its best!

Friends, slow down. Hug a tree, embrace life!
(In case, they ask, just print this article! hehe)

Doc P