What To Eat?

People are confused nowadays what to eat and what not to eat.

This is the most common question of people who come to me.

Eating is supposed to be the most natural phenomenon in our bodies, if only we listen to our bodies.

Now the problem is……we don’t listen to our bodies anymore. 

We listen to advertisement.

If the ad says…..”tender juicy”, then people simply gobble it up, unaware of the preservatives and the negative effects of meat on their system.

If the ad says….”crispy mouth-watering delicious chicken”, then people simply gobble it up, unaware of the synthetic hormones the chicken have ingested in order for them to grow faster.

Everywhere i go, I see this situation all the time. So technically, people are actually on self-help in terms of manufacturing their diseases. They continue these eating patterns, then after a while, the body begins to react, in the form of a disease. Unfortunately, when disease comes, people go to the doctor right away to get a prescription drug for their disease. 

There is so much information nowadays about the right kind of food to eat. There are many books talking about this.

Doctors have different opinions. I often hear my patients tell me, “doc I’m already confused what to eat, because my diabetologist told me not to eat a lot of fruits, my oncologist told me to eat anything.”

Do you know that while we were studying in medical school, we dont have a lot of subjects in Nutrition? As far as I can remember, we only have a few units in Nutrition, and it was even an elective subject.

Authors have different opinions too. Some people are even told to eat according to their blood type. What if you are living in the mountains of the Himalayas? Obviously there is no diagnostic laboratory there to determine your blood type.

Even nutritionists have different opinions.

So “ano ba talaga kuya”.

It is my life work to simplify the complicated, not the other way around.

Instead of relying too much on information, why not you just listen to your body?

There is so much information but so little attention.

Pay attention to your body. There is an Intelligence constantly operating in your body, constantly communicating with you moment by moment.

If you eat something regularly, and eventually leads you to hypertension and diabetes, then obviously your body is telling you you have to change your diet.

If you eat something that caused you palpitations, headache, vomiting or diarrhea, then obviously your body is telling you that you ingested something that is not good for your body.

If you feel so heavy after a meal, then obviously your body is telling you that you ate too much.

So who is the best person to ask what to eat and what not to eat?

Is it the doctor?

Is it the nutritionist?

Is it the author?

My answer is very simple. 

Ask your body? Your body knows! 

If you just pay attention to the design of our bodies, our bodies are designed as herbivores, not as carnivores.

Herbivores have long intestines. Carnivores have short intestines. Humans have long intestines.

Herbivores have no claws. Carnivores have claws. Humans have no claws.

So by design, we are herbivores, not carnivores.

The only challenge is people are always looking outward for solutions and answers. People rarely bother to look inward for the answers.

The ultimate truth is inside. Take time to practice awareness, self awareness. Learn how to silence your mind, learn how to slow down your thoughts. Life nowadays is at its peak in terms of outside obstructions. People are always glued in their smart phones, tablets and computers.

People are constantly obstructed.

There are simple practices that you can do to bring yourself into a deeper balance and awareness. Personally, I do Isha Upa Yoga and Isha Kriya. You can look at these practices online at isha.sadhguru.org . I have been doing these practices for more than a year already and it has helped me a lot in my inner journey of well-being. Here in Wellnessland Cebu, we also offer for FREE on a regular basis the Isha Upa Yoga, in behalf of the Isha Foundation. Isha Foundation is a non-sectarian non-religious organization with around 3 million volunteers worldwide. In brief, the foundation’s work is on raising human consciousness.(www.ishafoundation.org

In Gratitude and Grace,

Doc Romy